Spotlight on – SCAS

SCAS. From healthcare and advice to rescue and rehoming, animal welfare organisations are true heroes of the animal world.

For over 40 years the Society for Companion Animal studies has been studying the interaction and bond between humans and animals and raising awareness of the importance of pets in society. Founded by a group of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and veterinary surgeons their aim was to promote awareness and understanding of human – companion animal relationships.

The studies they carry out are used to inform and support the work of professionals in animal welfare, human health and social care and they are linked to a number of other organisations working in related fields such as Pet Partners and the Pet Health Council.

Their work on the relationship between humans and pets, service, assistance and working animals is invaluable and is helping change attitudes and policies through recognition of the benefits that animals bring to both individuals and society as a whole.

We love the work they do and hope you will too.

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