Scatter Tubes – a beautiful, simple way to scatter ashes

We created a better way to return pet ashes to families that’s more attractive, and simpler, for scattering.

Scatter Tubes were created in 2007 by our founder, Richard Bush. He envisaged an attractive, eco-friendly alternative to plastic ashes jars for returning pets’ ashes after cremation, that is appealing to families and simple for scattering their pet’s ashes.

Scatter Tubes are made from recycled cardboard, and are recyclable, so they make perfect temporary containers for pet ashes. With many designs and sizes available, they are suitable for full ashes, shared or keepsake ashes for all sizes of pets. Families wanting to share the responsibility of scattering can each have a small Scatter Tube to use at a scattering ceremony, a lovely way to bring families together to say a final farewell to a beloved pet.

Scatter tubes come in many lovely printed designs that are recyclable and there are fully biodegradable textured options in a range of colours. All are made from over 90% recycled materials.

Scatter Tubes are available from your pet crematorium or vet.

Ashes return with Scatter Tubes

Scatter Tubes are the “ashes return” urn of choice for many pet crematoria. If you would prefer your pet’s ashes returned to you in a Scatter Tube, speak to your vet or pet crematorium who will be able to advise you.

You can choose to have your pet’s ashes returned in multiple small Scatter Tubes to divide amongst family members or to share the responsibility of scattering. You may wish to keep the ashes in an attractive temporary container while you take your time to consider the perfect permanent pet urn or memorial. If you want to keep a tiny quantity of your pet’s ashes to place into a keepsake at a later date a tiny keepsake-sized Scatter Tube would be a perfect choice. Scatter Tubes are versatile and appealing and suitable for any of these situations.

Scattering ashes with a Scatter Tube

Scatter Tubes have a protective outer lid and an inner lid with a perforated opening. When it is time to scatter the ashes, the perforation is pushed through and ashes are scattered from the opening. After scattering, the outer lid can be replaced and the Scatter Tube can be kept, buried or recycled.

Transporting ashes with a Scatter Tube

Scatter Tubes can also be used for transportation of ashes as they are light, sturdy and compact.

Scatter Tubes for the pet funeral professional

Scatter Tubes are available to pet crematoria across the UK.

If you are interested in branded or bespoke Scatter Tubes you can read more about our services for trade customers here or contact us to discuss.


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