Why are Petributes urns sometimes cheaper from other sellers?

We have been a trade supplier for over 25 years, until recently selling exclusively to pet crematoria and related businesses. We have long relationships with our trade customers and when we decided to sell our range online, the last thing we wanted to do was to upset our loyal customers by undercutting them. Hence we set our retail prices at a level that is achievable by them and also competitive compared to other similar products available. We have never set a “recommended retail price” for our stockists and they are free to charge a retail price that works for their own businesses. That’s why, in some cases, you can purchase an urn from your local pet crematorium at a lower price than buying it directly from us.

Our website features a map so that you can find your nearest pet crematorium or Petributes stockist. Pet Crematoria offer a wide range of services that we do not. We encourage you to speak to pet crematoria to compare services, find out all the ways they may be able to help you and to shop around to see if it is better for you to purchase an urn from your pet crematorium, another stockist, or from us.

Some of the reasons why a pet crematorium or urn retailer’s prices might be lower:

  • Like all businesses, we have a different pricing structure for wholesale customers. We do not set an RRP, leaving our trade customers to set their own profit margins.
  • Pet crematoria often have a price for a complete service, including cremation, that includes an urn, and this could make their urn price lower.
  • Not all stockists have the same business overheads so some will be able to charge lower prices than others.
  • Stockists compete with one another and some may choose to reduce their profits to attract customers.
  • Our price includes free carriage, which may not be needed if you are collecting your urn from a local stockist.
  • Some stockists do not hold any stock at all, lowering the cost of running their business. When you order the product from them, they order it from us (sometimes we even deliver it for them). The difference in the the price they pay to us and the price they charge you is their profit.

Some reasons why you may prefer to purchase from us

  • Your urn will be delivered directly to you so you may find you can get it more quickly, if that is important to you.
  • You may not need the additional services offered by a pet crematorium.
  • You can talk with us for expert help with personalising your urns.
  • Stockists do not always have our entire range in stock so it may take longer to get the urn you want (we do deliver to stockists very quickly though, so it shouldn’t add a lot of time to your order!).

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