Figurine Ashes Urns – indoors or out?

Our lovely figurine ashes urns are so discreet and look lovely in any setting. Sculptured ornamental ashes urns caskets for pets.

Our figurine ashes urns for pets are beautiful. They are cast in resin from original sculptures commissioned especially for us by talented local artists.

Most people prefer to keep them indoors, where they make gorgeous memorials to your beloved pets – on a shelf or mantelpiece or sitting by the fireside. They are so discreet that many would not guess that they contain your pet’s ashes. In fact, some people tell us they buy them as ornaments and, when their pet passes away, their ashes will be placed in the urn which has already become a familiar and comforting feature in their home.

our lovely figurine urns are so discreet and look lovely in any setting

Occasionally, people have told us that they would like to place their figurine urns outdoors and so we have undertaken tests to find out how they hold up to the elements.

Firstly, you may wish to use an internal ashes bag if the urn is to be placed outdoors, in case of accidental damage to the urn. They should be placed in a sheltered position, out of direct sunlight and protected from the harshest weather. Although they are frost-resistant, if particularly cold weather is forecast it may be prudent to bring the urn indoors or place it inside a garage or shed. Copper plated figurine urns are never suitable for use outdoors.

Our figurine urns are hand painted, giving them their attractive bronze-effect finish. This painted finish will “weather” if the urn is kept outdoors. Just as with a statuette or ornament you might purchase from the garden centre, the paint will fade over time and, depending on the conditions, may chip or flake.

Your pet’s memorial is personal to you, and it is entirely your choice where you would like to keep your figurine urn. Wherever you decide, it will be a beautiful and poignant reminder of your precious pet and a memorial to treasure.


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