Do you do memorial products with hair or fur?

Many of our pet urns, keepsakes and memorials are suitable for safely storing a lock or clipping of your pet’s hair or fur. You can find all our products suitable for storing pet hair keepsakes here.

You can take a clipping of your pet’s hair at any time and keep it safe, but if you forget or do this yourself, your vet or pet crematorium will usually offer to take a clipping of fur for you. A treasured lock of pet hair is a lovely way to remember your pet and to personalise their urn, memorial or keepsake.

You can tuck a precious lock of your pet’s fur away in the hidden recesses in our Tribute Heart keepsake or Eternity Candle keepsake, or below an imprint of your pet’s pawprint in our A Lasting Impression paw-print kit. You could keep a hair clipping inside a Tribute Box memory box or even display it, perhaps tied with a pretty ribbon, in place of a photo in one of our Pet Photo Memorial Frame Urns. All our Pet Figurine Urns and Keepsakes come complete with our Memory Capsule keepsake. The Memory Capsule is unique to Petributes and can be used to store tiny trinkets or mementos such as a lock of hair or fur clipping as well as space for a photo or engraved plaque.

There are so many choices for keeping a precious pet hair keepsake you are sure to find one that will be perfect for you to create a lovely, lasting memorial to remind you of your pet.

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