Developing the Scatter Tube

inventors of the scatter tube


Scatter Tubes are now something of an industry standard in the funeral sector. And they are the brainchild of our founder Richard Bush who invented the Scatter Tube after a personal experience left him feeling sure there was a better option than commonly used, basic, utilitarian urns of the time. Our eco-friendly solution is now a universally recognised product, and one which we are very proud of.

The idea for the Scatter Tube first presented itself about fifteen years ago, after Richard witnessed a close relative’s ashes returned in the ever-present plastic container of the time. He felt it rather strange that after such care to create a personal funeral service, and all the attention to detail, the final element was rather overlooked. Richard’s first thought was how awful it was as a resting place – albeit a temporary one – providing nothing more than an unattractive, sad container with no thought given to the individual and their life through some artistic design.

With this in mind, the seeds of an idea took hold. After seeing some household products in a local shop a connection was made; the concept was there – it was just a case of developing it sensitively for alternative use. Richard was also keen to create something more eco-friendly; the need for a solution made of recycled materials, and recyclable after use, was important too.

At this point Richard’s sense of ingenuity took hold and he spent some time creating simple mockups, as well as giving some thought to the practicalities of the design. Notably, our tubes needed a way of being carefully filled, as well as emptied, and to be light, sturdy and compact. The final design included a protective outer lid and an inner lid with a perforated opening. When the time comes to scatter, the perforation is pushed through and ashes are spread in a suitably memorable place. The outer lid can then be replaced and the Scatter Tube can be kept or recycled. After several prototypes, and family feedback, Richard took the idea to some local funeral directors in Sussex who were immediately convinced on this more sympathetic alternative. So with endorsement from some trusted contacts we quickly set production in motion, and expanded the range, adding various pictures and designs, and manufacturing Scatter Tubes in different sizes, so they could be used for full ashes, shared or keepsakes.

We are, of course, always looking at ways in which we can improve, to ensure that the Scatter Tube stays fit for purpose. The very fact that the Scatter Tube exists is because of a very personal experience; ultimately our central aim is to find ways to support families in preserving the memories of their own loved ones.

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