Are pet urns sealed?

Are pet urns able to be sealed? Pet urns come in all shapes and sizes, and can be sealed in a variety of ways, but they will always securely hold the ashes of your beloved pet.

Can urns be sealed permanently?

While it will not always be necessary to permanently seal an urn, this could be an option depending on where you are planning to keep your urn. If you would like to permanently seal your urn we would recommend silicone sealant or epoxy glue for most urns and metal glue for plated or metallic urns.

Will I be able to move ashes to another urn if it is sealed?

Many of our urns use our own unique threaded screw seal system. This system makes transferring ashes from one urn to another a simple process. If you are uncomfortable handling ashes yourself you can request an ashes transfer service from your local pet crematorium.

What is the best way to avoid losing ashes if my urn gets damaged?

We always recommend that ashes are sealed inside a plastic bag and the bag placed inside the urn where possible. This ensures that if your urn is damaged, your pet’s ashes can be easily transferred to another. This also allows flexibility if you decide to change the urn for a different one in future.

How can I find out how my Petributes urn will be sealed?

The sealing method of all our pet urns and keepsakes is shown in the “More Information” panel on each product page on our website. If you have any questions about the sealing method for any of our urns, please speak to one of our Customer Care team who will be happy to help.

What are the types sealing methods typically used in pet ashes urns?

Wooden Urns and figurines

Wooden pet ashes urns and figurines will generally have a fully removable base with screws or a hinged lid. Our wooden urns are supplied with ashes bags to avoid any chance of leakage.

Beautiful Bramber wooden casket ashes urn. Pet urns for dog, cat or horse keepsake and memorials. May be personalised.    Beautiful bamboo Tribute Box pet ashes casket photo urn and memory box. Pet urns for dog, cat or horse keepsake and memorials. May be personalised.    A peaceful wooden urn carved into the shape of a sleeping cat available in brown, brown colourpoint and black. A small and tactile urn just the right size to place in a special spot in memory of your feline friend.

Metal Urns

Metal pet urns are often sealed with a removable lid or base. Our metal Pawprint Urns have a threaded screw-on lid to seal the ashes inside.


Keepsakes can be filled, and sealed, in a variety of ways depending on the size, shape and material. Our pet keepsakes are sealed as described below:

    •  Tribute Heart keepsakes
      Ashes in our Tribute Heart keepsakes are sealed inside a tiny glass phial with a cork. The cork can be glued in place for added security. The keepsake compartments are sealed with rubber rings which create a safe seal, but make it easy for you to access mementos stored inside.
    • Eternity Candle keepsakes
      Ashes placed in our Eternity Candle keepsake are held in a small glass jar with a screw-on lid. This lid ensures the ashes are safe inside the candle and can additionally be sealed with sealant or glue if preferred.
    • Keepsake Figurine urns
      Our Figurine urn keepsakes have a screw-cap seal built directly into the base.
    • Agate Memory Stone keepsake
      To fill our Agate Keepsake Stones we provide a small allen key to open the metal screw mechanism and store the ashes. When screwed shut this mechanism creates a secure seal.
    • Pawprint Heart keepsakes

Pawprint Heart keepsakes have a screw-in cap in the base that securely seals the ashes compartment.

Our lovely figurine ashes keepsake urns are so discreet and look lovely in any setting. Sculptured ornamental ashes urns caskets for pets.       

Ceramic and Stone Urns

Ceramic urns and stone urns will often have a loose lid or sometimes a cap or panel in the base. Our own Ceramic Urns have a water-resistant rubber seal that is connected to the lid.  This seal is flexible, so you won’t damage your urn if you ever need to open it. Our Onyx Urns are fitted with a screw-in seal in the base. When placed on a surface the seal is hidden, and the urn appears seamless.

Resin Urns

Resin figurines are a popular form of decorative pet urn. Often, these are mounted on a plinth that has a panel in the base. Our Figurine pet urns have our unique threaded screw seal in the base.

Lovely glazed porcelain serenity ashes urn for small pets, dog, cat, horse. keepsakes and memorials.    Beautiful real onyx ashes urn. pet urn keepsake and memorials    A resin figurine urn sculpted into the shape of a generic breed guinea pig. Available in an antique bronze style.

Photo Frame urns

Typically, photo frame urns have an ashes compartment with a removable panel to place the ashes inside. Each of our pet Photo Urn ranges has a slightly different sealing system:

  • Tribute Frame Urns
    Tribute Frame Urns have a discreet ashes compartment hidden behind the frame. The ashes compartment is removable. We recommend ashes are placed inside the compartment in a sealed bag (provided).
  • FramePod Urns
    FramePods store ashes inside the pod, accessed through the base. They have the same threaded screw seal system as our Figurine Urns, which is unique to Petributes urns.
  • Tribute Boxes
    The lids of these urns are held closed with magnets and ashes are hidden below a velvet shelf which is perfect for storing mementos. We recommend that ashes are sealed inside a bag (provided).

        Beautiful bamboo Tribute Box pet ashes casket photo urn and memory box. Pet urns for dog, cat or horse keepsake and memorials. May be personalised.

How can I find out how to seal my pet’s urn?

If you have any questions about sealing your pet’s urn, or would like more advice, please contact our customer service team.

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