All about Tribute Frames

Tribute Frame picture urn. Beautiful discreet oak photo frame urns. Micro 250 cc for pet dog, horse, cat ashes. Can be personalised. Hand made in UK

Tribute Frames are amongst the most discreet and individual ashes urns imaginable.

The ashes container is concealed within the frame itself and no-one need know that it holds your precious pet’s ashes unless you choose to tell them.

Tribute Frame photo memorial urn - cross section of ashes compartment Tribute Frame Maxi in Oak showing paw-print and photos

When you receive your Tribute Frame you will see the self contained ashes compartment which is fitted into the rear of the frame. The ashes compartment is very easy to remove with turn-buckles. Once removed, a photo (or paw-print image) can be placed in the frame – just as you would with a normal photo frame.

  • To place the ashes in the frame, lay the ashes compartment on a flat surface with the screw-on cover facing upwards.
  • Using a screwdriver, remove the cover and put it to one side, making sure to keep the screws safe.

If your pet’s ashes have been returned to you in a bag, you can usually lay the bag into the compartment and level the ashes throughout the bag by moving the box from side to side. If your pet’s ashes are not already in a bag, or the bag is not the right size, there is one supplied with each frame. Most pet crematoria will offer an ashes transfer service, if you are not comfortable with undertaking this yourself. You can use our Stockists page to find one in your location.

  • Once the ashes are levelled inside the compartment, re-attach the cover with the screws.
  • Re-attach the ashes compartment to the back of the frame and fasten it securely with the turn-buckles.

Depending on the size and model of your frame it may be displayed vertically or horizontally and either free-standing, using the included stand, or wall-mounted, with the attached fittings*.

For frames that can display multiple images, a popular option is to display a pet’s paw-print. Our Inkless Print Set is the perfect, no-mess way to take an impression of your pet’s paw which can be mounted, along with their photos, to create a truly unique memorial.

Choose your frame according to your own wishes. A large frame can be appropriate for a tiny pet, if that is what you would like, or a small frame can be used as a keepsake, or for ashes shared amongst family members.


*wall-fittings are not included

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