All about the HighDown Urn

Highdown ashes urn memorial. for pet ashes, dog, cat or horse. May be personalised

The Highdown Urn was developed for families who are concerned about leaving behind their beloved pets’ buried ashes when moving house.

Some families prefer to bury ashes, but what happens if you move house? It’s a heartbreaking thought to leave beloved family pets behind, but retrieving buried ashes for relocation may not be an easy task. It may be possible to bury the ashes at a pet crematorium or cemetery but after the move it may be too far to visit regularly. This is the problem that the HighDown Urn was designed to solve.

The HighDown is a very versatile urn. Discreet and attractive indoors or in the garden, it may be positioned above ground or buried. When buried, the unique features of the HighDown and its optional marker post make it simple to maintain and to relocate. Robust and weather-resistant, the granite-effect urn will not disintegrate as other urns may do when buried, enabling it to securely contain your pet’s ashes for transportation to a new home along with their family.

Combined with the optional marker post set, the HighDown Urn can easily be retrieved for relocation, The height-adjustable post can be removed for lawn-mowing, or other landscape maintenance, and the clever location marker, positioned at ground level, makes it easy to replace.

The HighDown Urn comes with a plaque, in a choice of light marble or dark slate, which can be attached to the urn itself, or to the marker post should you wish to bury the urn. You can design the engraved inscription yourself using our online personalisation tool – for a truly individual memorial.


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