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What is a pet urn?

A pet urn is a container for a pet’s cremated ashes. These are usually made from metal, ceramic or resin and also from wood. In the UK we often describe a wooden urn as a casket.

Families who wish to bury their pet’s ashes often choose a pet urn made of wood, as wooden urns are biodegradable. Wooden pet urns can also be chosen to keep a pet’s ashes at home and they are perfect for personalisation by engraving. Other choices for burial of pet ashes are urns made from willow, bamboo or cardboard as they are also biodegradable and eco friendly. We also have a pet urn specially designed to be buried but not degrade and this is perfect for families who may wish to relocate their pet’s ashes if they move house.

If you wish to keep the ashes of your pet at home you will want to keep them in a lovely resting place and a beautiful pet urn is the ideal choice. We have many styles of pet urns available from traditional to contemporary. Types of pet urns include photo frame urns and figurine pet urns designed to look like cats, horses & ponies, small pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs and many dog breeds. There are also heart-shaped urns, metal urns and keepsake urns.

Sometimes families will want to share the ashes of a beloved family pet and there are different sizes of urns to make this possible. Likewise, some people wish to keep a part of the pet’s ashes and scatter the rest. It is possible to find solutions for all these scenarios and choose a pet urn or keepsake to keep and a pet ashes scatter tube or other scattering container.

Pet Cremation Urns

When your pet has been cremated you will usually be offered a choice of pet urns to place the ashes inside. Most pet crematoria will have a range of urns to choose from. Some people find it too early to make a final decision on the right thing to do with their pet’s ashes and this is understandable. You can choose a temporary ashes container and leave the choice of a pet urn until you are ready. The size of pet cremation urn you need will depend on a number of factors including the size of your pet and your own pet crematorium is the best place to go for guidance on the size you will need. You can, of course, choose a larger size than required if you love a particular style of pet urn, and this is particularly true of figurine and photo frame urns.

Personalised Pet Urns to find the Perfect Resting Place

Many pet urns can be personalised and reflect the personality of the pet and the unique relationship that you had with your pet. Personalisation can be done in many different ways, from engraving of your pet’s name, dates and your loving messages, to your pet’s photos and paw-prints. There will be a personalised pet urn to provide the perfect resting place for your own special pet. Petributes has a team of experienced and talented engravers, providing a personalisation service for your pet urns and keepsakes.

Why choose Petributes for your Pet Urn?

At Petributes we know how special and important your pet is to you. We are committed to helping you to find the perfect memorial urn for your pet. We can engrave your pet urn to make it extra special and the perfect place for your pet’s ashes to rest.


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