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Pet Photo Memorials – Available as free standing or wall mounted

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Pet photo memorials are among the most discreet of pet ashes urns. With ashes containers concealed within the frames, no-one need know that the frame holds your pet’s ashes unless you choose to tell them.

Memories to Last with Pet Memorial Frame Urns

A picture can capture memories to last a thousand lifetimes – which can be priceless when you want to pay tribute to a beloved lost pet. With a pet memorial frame urn, it provides a beautiful way to pay a heartfelt tribute, with the option to add a personalised message.

Personalised and Bespoke Pet Tributes

The most versatile of personalisable urns, you can choose a frame urn to suit whichever size photo of your pet that you would like to display, rather than limiting your choice based solely on the ashes capacity. You might choose the largest size of frame urn for your tiny hamster because you want a nice big photo, or choose a small frame as a keepsake of your horse, because you’d like it placed beside you on your desk. The choice is entirely up to you. There is plenty of choice of frame styles to suit any decor and some designs can hold multiple photos.

We have a range of pet tributes available, with options for you to add an extra touch of personalisation.

Pet Photo Memorial Urns from Petributes

If you take a paw-print of your pet this can be displayed in the photo memorial frame and some frames are suitable for engraving with the pet’s name and dates or a message. Another option for adding personalisation to a frame urn is an engraved name plaque which can be attached to the front of the frame, the card mount, or attached to the ashes container on the reverse of the frame. Personalising the card mount itself protects the engraving from dust and damage behind the glass.

Why Choose Petributes for your Pet Photo Memorials?

We designed our pet photo memorial urns with the intention of them being completely discreet and able to fit beautifully into any home. We understand that pet lovers are all unique, just like their beloved pets, which is why we offer such a wide variety of pet urns and memorials and do our best to help you to personalise and create the perfect resting place for your pet.


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