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Pet Memorial Plaques and Tags in a variety of materials available for engraving

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Pet memorial plaques and tags are a perfect way to personalise pet urns and to commemorate our pets. We offer a variety of pet memorial plaques and tags to personalise pet ashes urns, caskets and keepsakes.

Choose from a Range of Pet Memorial Plaques

At Petributes, we have a range of pet memorial plaques to suit all tastes, with the option of adding a personalised touch with engraving. A plaque is the perfect addition to personalise your urn, keepsake or memory capsule. Our pet memorial plaques can also be used as grave markers or as garden memorials in memory of a beloved pet. We offer plaques in a variety of materials; slate, marble, wood, bamboo, acrylic or in self-adhesive metal-effect plastic – we have a wide variety!

Not found the right product for you? We have additional pet casket and urn ranges also available via your local pet crematorium, vet or memorial retailer – please get in touch for more information or see our map to locate stockists so we can help find the perfect product for you.

Create a Bespoke Tribute to Last a Lifetime

Pets’ names and dates and your personal messages can be engraved as well as decorative motifs. All our pet memorial plaques and tags can be personalised, using our engraving tool, with names, dates and your own messages. Our Heart Tags can be engraved or hand-written and decorated with individual messages by you and your family to create a bespoke and special tribute.

Pet memorial plaques and tags can be attached to pet urns and pet ashes caskets. Some plaques and tags can be used by themselves, or in a group, as a decorative memorial memento. Some can be free-standing memorials; alone or in combination with a candle for example. Some can be hung outdoors – in a tree perhaps, or on a windchime.

It can be comforting to create a small memorial garden in memory of your pet using an engraved stone or wooden plaque as a commemorative memorial. Some families worry about leaving their pets remains behind when moving house. We have ashes burial urns that are designed for this situation and have a pet memorial plaque marker for easy location of the buried urn. Pets ashes can also be scattered or buried in a planter, which makes it easy to transport the ashes to a new location. A pet memorial plaque is a lovely way to identify the planter as the final resting place of a beloved pet.

Why Choose Petributes for your Pet Memorial Plaques?

At Petributes, we offer a range of personalisation services to add a bespoke and personalised touch to your urn, keepsake or casket. Our friendly team here has an extensive knowledge of our broad product range and is on hand to help you. Please contact us for more information.


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