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What is a Pet Keepsake?

Pet keepsakes are the perfect way to pay tribute to a beloved pet that has passed away. A pet keepsake can also be made part of your home or your garden – creating a place for you to commemorate your pet’s life.

Pet Keepsake Memorials

Pet Keepsakes are perfect for keeping small amounts of a pet’s ashes close by. They can be a comforting reminder of a beloved pet. Having a tiny quantity of a pet’s ashes in a small and discreet container means they can be kept by a bedside, shelf or even in a bag. They can travel with you wherever you go. Pet Keepsakes may also be designed to store other tiny mementos, such as a lock of hair or fur or a collar tag. Some pet keepsakes can be personalised with photos or have engraved names, dates or messages.

Pet Memorials to Suit All Tastes

Pet Keepsakes come in many forms and designs to suit any home or personal taste. Our wooden pet keepsakes or stone keepsake memorials can be engraved with your pet’s name or your own message. We can even engrave your pet’s own paw-print, to give an extra, personal touch. Pet figurine keepsakes are very discreet, looking just like a decorative sculpture. You can place them anywhere in your home – making a new and beautiful addition to your home decor that you can also remember your beloved pet by.

Pet Keepsakes to Treasure Forever

At a heartbreaking time, when you have just lost a much loved pet, it can sometimes be hard to immediately think about how to celebrate their life. With this in mind, sometimes the best way is to create a personalised keepsake. Whether this be with a pet memorial candle or a memory capsule – why not personalise it with a name or a birthday to help you and your whole family remember your special pet.

Pet Keepsakes from Petributes

Many families find that keepsake ashes containers are a lovely way to share a pet’s ashes, so all family members can have a special memento of a much-missed and beloved family pet. Every relationship between a pet and their family is unique and special and the way a family grieves the loss of their pet is a very personal thing. Whatever you would like as a keepsake to remind you of your special companion there will be something in our range that will be perfect for you and your family.


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