Pet Figurine Urns

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Pet Figurine Urns provide a beautiful tribute to a beloved pet in the form of a sculpture. With a range of dog breeds, cats and other animals you will find the perfect figurine urn to remind you of your pet.

What is a Pet Figurine Urn?

Pet Figurine Urns are beautiful decorative sculptures in the shape of a variety of companion animals. Urns for specific dog breeds are available and there are also choices of figurine urns for long-haired or short-haired cats, as well as urns for rabbits, guinea pigs, horses and ponies.

Dedicate your Pet Figurine Urn with a Personalised Memorial

We always try to encourage families to make our figurine cat, dog or horse urns personal and unique to them. Some choose to put their pet’s collar on the urn or place the urn into their pet’s bed or favourite sleeping place. To help make our pet urns more personal we can provide plaques and tags engraved with names, dates and short messages.

Why Choose Petributes for your Pet Figurine Urn?

Exclusive Service

Petributes figurine urns are cast in resin from sculptures by local artists in Sussex, England. The sculptures have been commissioned by, and made exclusively for, Petributes so you will only find Petributes figurines available directly from us or from our authorised stockists.


The attractive designs or our pet figurine urns and pet keepsakes make them indistinguishable from other decorative pet figurine ornaments in the home, so they can discreetly hold a pet’s ashes without anyone knowing that they are there.


Petributes pet figurine urns are hollow and are designed to hold the full ashes of the pet.
Our pet keepsake figurines are intended to hold a small quantity of ashes. The ashes capacity of each pet figurine urn can be found in the information page for the individual urn model.


Petributes pet figurine urns are finished in an attractive antique bronze style, so they are suitable for pets whatever their colouring. Keepsake figurines are available with an electroplated finish in copper, making them suitable for any colour of pet.

Personalisable Pet Figurine Urns

The pet figurine urns and pet keepsakes are supplied with, or compatible with, our Memory Capsule which can be used to personalise the urn with a photo, name plate, lock of hair or fur and, in some cases, a collar tag. There are other choices for unique personalisation of a pet figurine urn in addition to the Memory Capsule. An engraved name plaque can be attached to the base of the urn or the side of the plinth or can be hung around the neck of the pet figurine on a collar or ribbon.
Take a look at all of our personalisation & engraving services here.


We love to receive your feedback and want to do everything we can to help you find the perfect resting place for your pet. If we do not yet offer your own dog’s breed in a figurine dog urn please feel free to contact us as we often have new designs in production to add to the range.

Finding the Perfect Pet Figurine Urn Tribute

If you would like more information about our Pet Figurine Urns, or would like to know about our personalisation services, please get in touch with our friendly team so that we can find the perfect tribute for your pet.


Create unique & individual personalised memorials,
keepsakes, urns and ashes caskets for your pet


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