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Pet Memorial Candles from Petributes

Our beautiful Pet Memorial Candles provide a lovely way to remember your pet by lighting a candle on special occasions such as their birthday, their “gotcha day” when they joined your family, or the day of their passing – or any day that is special or comforting to you or your family. Our Pet Memorial Candles are not just a candle, they are also a pet keepsake, with a discreetly hidden container to hold a small quantity of your pet’s ashes. These unique and special features make them perfect for sharing ashes, or as an ashes keepsake of your pet if you have buried or scattered their ashes.

Can I personalise my pet memorial candle?

Your Pet Memorial Candle can be personalised with engraving and you can design the engraving yourself, using our easy-to-use online tool. If you prefer, we can help you in creating the perfect Memorial Candle for your pet.

Light a special candle for your resting pet

Your pet was unique and special and you will want to remember them in your own way. Lighting a candle in memory of your pet is a lovely way to bring your family together to remember happy times with your pet and share your memories. Lighting your Pet Memorial Candle on special days of remembrance, such as your pet’s birthday, their “gotcha day” when they came to join your family, or the day they passed away, can be very comforting and helpful in the grieving process. Another way you can light a symbolic candle to your pet is by creating an online memorial on our Pet Memorial Wall. This is a free service available to anyone who has lost a pet and wishes to have a special place to remember them and visit from time to time to leave messages and light a virtual candle.


Create unique & individual personalised memorials,
keepsakes, urns and ashes caskets for your pet


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