What makes white cats so special?

beautiful white cat cuddles with female owner in a lovely home

White cats are some of the rarest, making up only about 5% of the total cat population! With their striking snow-white coats, they look dazzling and very unusual and, of course, they are even more special to their families who love them.

Are white cats lucky?

There are many customs and superstitions around the world involving cats and luck. In some places, white cats are considered lucky, just as in some cultures black cats are considered unlucky. At Petributes we think all cats are fantastic and it is we humans who are the lucky ones when we have them in our lives.

Are white cats a special breed?

While white cats are undoubtedly very special, not all white cats are pedigree breeds. However, there are quite a few cat breeds that come in white coat types, including British Shorthair, Bengal, Birman, Persian, Siamese, Ragdoll and Norwegian Forest Cat. There are also some more unusual and exotic breeds that can have white or very light hair, such as the Cornish Rex, Egyptian Mau, Turkish Angora and Turkish Van and Japanese Bobtail!

What does it mean if a white cat has blue eyes?

White cats with blue eyes are gorgeous but it can be a sign that the cat may be deaf. A much higher proportion of blue-eyed white cats are deaf compared to white cats with other eye colours. Not all deaf cats are white however and, contrary to popular opinion, not all white cats are deaf. Iif you see a white cat with blue eyes it’s good to be aware that they may be deaf, especially in situations where loss of hearing may put the cat in danger. Even if a cat is purring they may be deaf, some sources say that deaf cats purr louder than other cats!

White cat urns from Petributes

Losing any cat is devastating to their family and white cats are no exception. Our lovely Sleeping Cat urn now comes in white so families of these precious pets can choose a memorial that is perfect for their ashes.

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