What can I do with my dog’s ashes?

Losing your four-legged friend can be an emotional experience. And when your dog dies, you may find that you want to have something to remember them by. If you decide to have your dog cremated, you may wonder what to do with their ashes. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to decide what to do straight away, but here are a few ideas. 

Ashes Urns and Caskets 

There are many different styles to choose from when it comes to ashes urns and caskets. As the name suggests, these are ‘containers’ specifically designed to hold ashes. Traditionally, they tend to be made from wood but there are more modern alternatives now available. 

Breed specific urns 

One of the alternatives that we offer are our range of figurine urns, which are based on particular dog breeds. Our range features 25 different breeds, cast in resin from original sculptures hand-made in West Sussex. Our Sculptor creates the original based on the breed’s key character traits, using dozens of images and an understanding of their anatomy.  You can read more about the process of creating each urn here 


An obvious choice when remembering your dog is a favourite photo. If you’d like to display a picture alongside your dog’s ashes, then you may want to consider a photo urn. Our Frame urns have discreet compartments to hold ashes which are cleverly hidden behind the photo frame. 


You may find comfort in keeping a smaller amount of your dog’s ashes close by. Keepsakes are a great option and allow for ashes to be shared between family members. Our agate stones and keepsake hearts are comforting to hold in the palm of your hand while our Eternity Candle can be lit whenever you’d like to reflect on special memories you shared. For children who miss cuddling their furry friend, a huggable keepsake may be a suitable choice. 

Scattering Ashes 

Choosing when and how to scatter your dog’s ashes is an entirely personal decision. You may find comfort in keeping your pet’s ashes with you while you grieve their loss. When the time comes, you might want to spend some time planning what you’d like to happen. When you scatter the ashes. It’s also possible that you’ll need permission from the landowner if you’re planning to scatter them outside. 

You may want to consider the following when deciding on a location: 

  • Is the spot meaningful to you and your dog? 
  • Are you able to come back and visit that spot? 
  • Will you be comfortable scattering their ashes if you cannot come back to visit? 
  • Do you need to think about a particular time of day or year which will be best for anyone you’d like to be there? Or do you need to avoid busy times if it’s a popular dog walking route, for example?  

Choosing what to do with your dog’s ashes is an important step in your grieving journey. Allowing yourself time is key – remember there is no rush to decide on what to do and you shouldn’t feel pressured to make a decision straight away.  

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