The Best Urns for Pet’s Ashes

As a nation, we’re developing a far greater understanding of the impact losing our beloved pets has on us. Recently we’ve become better at talking about it and considering the available options when the time comes to say goodbye. As a result, pet cremation has been on the increase for some time and with the trend set to continue there’s an increased focus on finding the right receptacle for their ashes, after the event.  

At Petributes, we’ve been supporting the veterinary industry, pet crematoria and pet owners for nearly 30 years. During this time, we’ve designed and produced a huge range of ashes urns for pets, so we can draw on our knowledge and experience to offer advice and guidance – helping you to choose the best urns for your pet’s ashes.  

You may have a clear idea as to what you’d prefer to do with your pet’s remains when they’re gone or you may want to take time before making that decision. Either way, you’ll need something in which to hold their ashes until you’re ready. So, what should you consider when selecting an urn or casket for your pet’s ashes? 

Keeping or scattering ashes 

As with human remains, the standard containers used by pet crematoria to return ashes are very simple. They’re fine for storing ashes but they’re not particularly elegant if you want to keep your pet’s remains in the home. If you’re looking for an attractive urn that can sit on display and hold your pet’s ashes, then there are plenty of options. From breed-specific cast urns to simple wooden or stone caskets you’ll find there is a huge variety available to you. Depending on your choice, you may be able to personalise the urn with engraving or the addition of a dedication plaque. But if you’re looking for a very subtle and discreet means of having your pet with you in the home, then a simple picture frame casket or keepsake will sit neatly on a shelf, there for you to explain should you want to.  

If your wish is to scatter their ashes, you may be happy to stick with the standard container provided by the crematorium. However, depending on the size of your pet, these containers can come with quite a large aperture, making the gentle or careful scattering of ashes potentially rather difficult. So, if you’d like to ensure a dignified scattering, then you may want to consider an urn with a smaller opening like one of our scatter tubes 

Size and style 

It may sound rather obvious but one other key consideration is selecting the correct size of urn or casket for your pet’s ashes. There is of course a direct link between the size of the animal and the volume of their ashes and you’ll want to make sure that whatever you choose will be sufficient to hold all of their remains. Our breed-specific urns have all been designed and cast to ensure they can hold the relevant volume of ashes for that breed and our other caskets and urns all come with guides – to help you make the correct choice. Our keepsakes and smaller urns cannot hold entire remains but are perfect for sharing ashes or keeping a small amount after scattering. 

If you’re choosing an urn to hold your pet’s ashes for display at home, then the final aspect of your decision-making process will be to do with style. We know that ashes urns provide a private and discreet memorial in most cases and so these need to blend in with other items around the home. Our breed-specific urns are designed to sit on a shelf like a figurine, hiding their true function to the unknowing eye whilst reflecting the character traits and unmistakable look of your favourite breed.  Wooden caskets can be slightly more obvious as to their role, but their simple design means that they can blend into the background, providing you with an unobtrusive focal point for your grief. 

Whatever your preference we are here to help, and if you’d like to discuss the best options for your pet please get in touch.  

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