A Sustainable new look for our popular Arun Urn

Arun pet ashes casket now available in sustainable bamboo

Like many businesses nowadays we’re looking for ways to lower the carbon footprint of our products while providing great value for our customers.

The Arun casket is one of our most popular pet ashes caskets and has been a mainstay of our standard returns casket range for many years.

Classic styling makes it a popular choice for families who want a traditional wooden pet urn, and it works particularly well for personalisation, with engraving possible either directly onto the wood, or onto a plaque.

The Arun has always been a hardwood casket, made from solid Ash wood. However, our introduction of the Arun in bamboo provides several benefits.

Firstly, we know that hardwoods are continuing to increase in price, and although we always do our best to offset the rising cost of raw materials, we can only absorb sustained increases for so long. The price of bamboo however is much more stable, and we hope that this will enable us to provide as much pricing consistency as possible in the future.

Secondly, bamboo is a very sustainable, fast-growing plant (in fact, it is a type of grass) and it can grow to its full size in a matter of months; lightning speed when compared to the growth of an ash tree. Such fast growth and regeneration allows for frequent harvests making it a sustainable raw material that provides a reliable source of income for farmers.

In addition to its sustainability as a resource, bamboo also has some other environmental benefits, as it reduces carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and increases oxygen. Bamboo thrives in growing conditions that other crops find challenging, freeing up better quality land for other crops. Without the need for fertiliser or pesticides, it can be eco-friendly for farmers to grow alongside their other crops. The root systems of bamboo plants also help reduce soil erosion and farmers can use it as a barrier to protect other crops from water and soil loss. It doesn’t even need replanting, as bamboo can regenerate from its own root system, making it low maintenance.

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