Shipping update May 2022


Following our April shipping update, here is the latest news and forecast to keep you in the loop.

International supply

As zero-tolerance Covid measures continue in China, with an estimated 400 million people currently under some form of lockdown, factories and ports are unsurprisingly running at a reduced capacity. Around 53% of supply chains are being significantly disrupted and like many other UK Wholesalers we are no different. The long-term impact of this is likely to be significant, as noted by the EU Chamber of Commerce China:

“Supply chains have taken a pounding … 23% of respondents are now considering shifting current or planned investments out of China to other markets – more than double the number that were considering doing so at the beginning of 2022, and the highest proportion in a decade.”

Fortunately, the overland train service running from China, through Russia and into EU has now been reinstated, offering an alternative to moving goods on the water. This option will help us bypass some of the delays at the seaports, but we are mindful that the service has been subject to its own disruptions resulting from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

What we can do

We will be using the reinstated train service to attempt to mitigate delays at Chinese ports and ensure we have two alternative supply chains in place at all times. As we have over the past few months, we’ll also be continuing to offer regular updates on international supply so that you have the latest news and information.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we look forward to continuing to support you over the weeks and months ahead.

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