How to Create a Special Memorial Garden for Your Pet

A decorative pet urn in a pet memorial garden

Creating a Memorial Garden for Your Pet 

The 20th March marks the first day of Spring in the UK, a point in the calendar that can bring hope and gratitude. With the arrival of the Spring equinox, you might be thinking about breathing some new life into your garden or outdoor space.  

For many, a garden can make a perfect remembrance place, offering a special area which reflects a beloved pet. If you’re not sure where to start, we can offer a few suggestions to consider when creating a pet memorial garden 


What is a Pet Memorial Garden? 

A pet memorial garden is usually situated within the grounds of a pet crematorium and serves as a space for pet owners to grieve for their loss and lay their pet to rest. Often, each pet will have memorial plaques marking their final resting place, allowing grieving owners to return and pay their respects to their departed pet.  

Owners can also scatter the ashes of their pets within the garden if they wish. Around the memorial garden there are often benches for families to take a moment and pause as they remember their beloved four-legged friend.  


Creating a Pet Memorial Space in Your Garden 

Creating a pet memorial garden in the privacy and comfort of your own home allows for a more personal connection with your pet. You may choose to use the memorial garden as your pet’s burial place or choose to scatter their ashes in your outside space. Of course, even if your pet has been buried or scattered elsewhere, creating a special pet memorial space in your own garden can help keep the memory of your departed friend alive and close to home.  

To help you create your own pet memorial garden, here are some suggestions to help establish a special place which reflects the unique soul of your pet.  


Choosing the Right Pet Urns  

If you choose to keep your pet’s remains within your memorial garden at home, there are several options available on how they are stored and presented. Many owners choose to have their pets cremated which leaves a decision of what to do with the ashes. While you may choose to scatter ashes, there are several decorative pet urns which can be personalised to serve as an ever-lasting reminder of your pet.  

For departed cats, we have our popular range of handcrafted Pulvis Art Pet Urns. These beautiful ceramic pet urns are available in a range of colours and sizes to best reflect your feline friend and can be placed amongst flowers or foliage in your pet memorial garden. 

For other animals, there is also the option of our beautiful HighDown Urn, an innovative design which allows you to choose between displaying the pet urn or burying it just below ground level. Both options can be personalised with engraved memorial plaques which will help commemorate your departed pet.  

If you are struggling to decide what to do with your dog’s ashes, have a read of our article for some guidance.  


A Seat for Reflection 

When creating your pet memorial garden, it’s sensible to include a seat or bench which allows for quiet contemplation and reflection on your pet’s life.  

Benches can be personalised with a simple engraved memorial plaque, honouring your pet and marking out your pet memorial space as a special place. Any bench or seat can be personalised using our Flexi Plaque, an attractive brass coloured plaque designed with an easy self-adhesive application. As these memorial plaques are flexible, they can also be applied to plant pots if your pet memorial garden is not big enough to accommodate a bench.  


Plant a Special Tree  

When grieving over the loss of a pet, it may feel as though time is standing still, and that the grief will never pass. For most, time is a healer, and many bereaved owners will find that, as time passes, any feelings of sadness start to diminish.  

Planting a special tree in honour of your departed pet not only stands as a powerful memorial for a pet but can also help the owner visualise the passing of time. With any hope, as the tree grows bigger, the grief will pass and all you will be left with are fond memories.  

If you are struggling to cope with the loss of a pet, please read our article for further information.  


What if you move house? 

For some pet owners, the idea of burying a four-legged friend in the garden can bring some concern, especially if a house move happens. At Petributes, we recognised the problems that this could cause which led to the creation of our HighDown Urn 

As well as having the option of placing these beautiful pet urns in a flower bed, there’s also the option of burying it just below the surface of the ground and connecting a bespoke Marker Post above ground. This not only serves as a sleek memorial plaque reflecting your pet but also allows for easy relocation of the urn should you move house.  


Final Thoughts 

Coping with the loss of a beloved animal can be a difficult process. By creating a pet memorial garden in your own home, the memory of your four-legged friend can live on in nature and serve as a constant reminder of their special soul. 

For more ideas on how to remember your pet after they die, read our article for further inspiration and advice.  


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