New contact numbers for Petributes

call or fax us on our new 0345 national rate numbers.

You can now use 0345 national rate numbers to call or fax Petributes. These numbers are charged in the same way as 01 and 02 numbers so, for many people*, this will mean that calls to us will now be included in mobile or landline call plans.

The numbers match our existing numbers, so you only need to remember to substitute 0345 instead of 0845. You will see the new numbers on our website and on new brochures, letters and invoices.

Please update your contact records so you can be sure to contact us in the most economical way, but don’t worry, we won’t be switching off the 0845 numbers, so you will still get through to us if you forget!

Telephone: Changes from 0845 388 7387 to 0345 388 7387
Fax: Changes from 0845 388 8743 to 0345 388 8743

*Please note that if you are calling us from outside the UK you will need to use our geographical number with the UK prefix 0044 1903 881910

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