Introducing our new Shih Tzu Urn

We’re delighted to share the news that the 25th addition to our range of dog figurine urns is here – introducing the Shih Tzu!  

This new urn captures the Shih Tzu’s mischievous personality, and its sociable and relaxed temperament. The breed’s floppy ears and study stance is perfectly echoed in the cast design. 

Shih Tzu’s have become a much-loved dog across the UK after being introduced from Asia in the 1930’s. With their name derived from the Mandarin word for ‘lion’ these dogs were originally bred for the nobility, with their affectionate nature making them an ideal lap dog.  

The breed was first recognised by the Kennel Club in 1940, and today sits in the top dog breeds in the UK.  As a toy breed, they need minimal exercise and their sociable and friendly nature makes them a very popular choice for a family pet.  

Our interview with Marji, our local sculptor, explains just how the intricate process of creating these beautiful urns is undertaken.  

– Holds full ashes
– Designed here in the UK
– Cast resin 

 Click here for more information or to order a Shih Tzu urn. 

Shih Tzu urn being sculpted    shih tzu urn   

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