How do I cope with the death of my pet?

Losing a much loved family pet is extremely difficult. Whether they’re the only pet or one of many, every animal will hold a special place in your heart and their loss will impact you and your family. Their passing could also affect any other animals that lived alongside them. Here at Petributes we’ve supported thousands of families over the years by providing memorials and keepsakes as a means of remembering a beloved pet. Many of our team are also trained in grief counselling and have shared some ideas of how to cope with the loss of a pet.    

It’s ok to grieve

Grief is the natural response to a loss of any kind. So losing a pet will carry many of the same feelings as losing a friend or family member. Therefore, it’s important to grieve and allow the body to respond naturally to the feelings and emotions it encounters. There’s no rhyme or reason to how or when grief will present itself, and no standard timetable. So be prepared for a very mixed bag of emotions over a potentially extended period. Many people will say that the triggers for waves of emotion will come out of the blue and often from many different places, events, anniversaries or actions.  

Take your time

One of the hardest parts of losing a pet can be the absence of company they provide around the house. Their constant presence and the routine that caring for a pet demands, means they are part of everyday life and so the loss of that can leave a noticeable gap, especially if they were your only pet. Whilst getting a new pet can be cathartic and help to fill that void, its best to take a little time before jumping back in. Reflecting and remembering your pet is an important part of the grieving process. Some owners do actively plan the order in which they buy their pets to avoid periods without one around, understanding the impact that any void following the loss of an animal carries with it.  

Memorialise and remember them

Whether it’s a picture, an ashes urn or a simple keepsake, finding some form of memorial for your pet can be an extremely helpful way of managing your grief and loss. The rise in pet cremations shows that more of us are choosing this method and then seeking a suitable means of storing and/or displaying the ashes around the home. You may want something extremely specific to your pet, such as a picture of them or you may prefer something that echoes the character of the breed/animal and reminds you of why you loved them. You may even want to share the ashes with the family, in which case a small keepsake with hidden compartment would be the right choice. It’s here where we have developed a great deal of knowledge and experience and are proud to be able to help families to find a fitting tribute. In fact, many of the products in our range have been designed in direct response to requests from pet owners looking for a beautiful and poignant reminder of their precious pet and a memorial to treasure. 

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