How do I choose an urn that’s right for my pet?

When choosing an urn for your pet there are many things you may want to consider.

Most people want their pet’s urn to reflect the pet’s personality or symbolise the relationship they had with their pet.

Reflecting your pet’s personality in their urn or memorial

You could choose a photo urn, so the ashes are discreetly concealed behind a picture of your best friend. You may want to consider a figurine urn that reminds you of the pet you have lost.

Creating a unique and personalised urn or memorial for your pet

Many of our urns can be personalised and using our online design tool is a wonderful way to create an urn that is special and unique to your pet. Designing your pet’s memorial yourself can be very helpful in the grieving and healing process, following your pet bereavement.

Choosing a pet urn that’s right for your home and family

When choosing your pet’s urn or memorial you will want to consider what is right for your family and choose something that will look beautiful and appropriate in your home. We have many discreet urns such as our Onyx Urns or Photo Frame Urns if you prefer your pet’s urn to be understated. You will know your pet’s ashes are there, but no-one else need know – unless you choose to tell them.

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