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Born: 26th Feb 2015
Passed Away: 1st Apr 2019

We will miss you xx

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Born: 18th Jul 1990
Passed Away: 23rd Feb 1994

Percy pig we loved you so much and will always miss you xxx

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Born: 17th Sep 1971
Passed Away: 30th Aug 1984

Darling Morgan, our brother and best friend We will always miss your smiling face and waggy tail Sunday mornings are not the same without you love and miss you always xxxx

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Born: 23rd Sep 2016
Passed Away: 31st Dec 2016

Dear baby Beatrice you were with us for such a short time but we loved you very much Always in our hearts xxxx

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Born: 30th Mar 2010
Passed Away: 19th May 2018

Our darling Daisie, taken too soon Three years was not enough time with you, but you know how much we love you. I miss looking into your beautiful eyes xx<3xx

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Lady Penelope

Born: 28th Apr 2016
Passed Away: 1st Jul 2018

Sweet Lady P, the best hamster that ever was Gentle, entertaining and always on the lookout for fun and adventure We will always love and miss you little P xxxx

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Born: 15th Apr 2000
Passed Away: 23rd Nov 2017

Our dearest Milo, teddy-bear cat and wonderful brother to your human sisters and Hamie-dog. We miss having to warm up your ears on cold nights. Love you forever xxx

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Born: 16th Dec 1997
Passed Away: 1st Dec 2014

Our darling Hamish, You gave us so many happy memories growing up with your human sisters and your cat “brother”. You are so much missed and will be forever in our hearts xxxxx

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