Born: 1st May 2012
Passed Away: 17th Apr 2022

We love you our little baby, you’ve been with us since I was a young teenager and now I’m 22 and I’ll never be able to forget you. You were the sweetest little angel and I’ll forever miss your morning and night time cuddles when you was cold or couldn’t sleep, or you heard me crying so you’d walk over to me, no matter how tired you were you’d stumble over with your little legs to let me know you loved me and was there. You are the brightest star in the sky now baby. Love your mummy’s and pups x

Messages left for Suzie

  1. rena27081978

    Suzie we Have had yoy since 13 weeks old you have been a bundle of love light and energy no one can take the love and memories away we will keep one of your pups

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