Born: 1st Mar 2012
Passed Away: 19th Dec 2022

They called you a Rescue Dog when I first met you 7 years ago, but you rescued me.
I hope you’re somewhere doing all the things you enjoyed most in life & I can’t thank you enough for all the cherished memories you’ve given me.
I can’t see or feel you anymore Son, but you will always be in my heart & forever missed.
Daddy xxx

I hope there’s such a place as the Rainbow Bridge & to meet you there when my time comes.

Messages left for Olly

  1. mandyjolly15

    Olly you were the Best Dog I have ever had the pleasure to have in my life! You were SO full of life & made the Best of everyday! You will be sorely missed by everyone who loved you! Good Night little boy! ❤️ .x.

  2. mandyjolly15

    Missing you SO very much my lil Boy Olly on this day of your Birthday, hope your happy wherever your running free over the Rainbow Bridge 🌈 Luv u SO much Mummy 😘.x.

  3. Jim McDonald

    A year ago I had to say my hardest goodbye & life without you since then has been almost too much to bear at times, to walk with you on a hillside on a sunny day was like walking in paradise & doing nothing wasn’t boring – it was peace, with you by my side I never felt alone. I miss you so very very much my dear friend, Daddy xxx

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