Born: 29th Sep 2011
Passed Away: 1st Aug 2017

my baby girl they say time heals,not for me it hasnt, the pain and tears are the same now as the day you left, you were my world, my everything, we had such a connection , you just had to look at me certain ways and i new what you wanted, my baby girl kiki i thought we had many years left together, not just 5 short years, you were such a loving special funny little girl, you made me and your daddy laugh all the time with your antics, we miss you every single day my baby, love mammy and daddy

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  1. kiki17

    my baby i am going to light your first candle for you my darling, i have your candles lite in the house every day just for you my baby, love you till i meet you at the bridge, love your broken hearted mammy xxxx

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