Born: 9th Feb 2010
Passed Away: 27th Apr 2020

I’ll never forget the moment we met, your piercing blue eyes looking at me through your carrier. You looked so lost… what would happen to you now, after all you’d been through?
Well that look didn’t last long. Before I knew it you were flopping at my feet every 5 minutes wanting a belly rub, following me around the house and curling up next to me at night. We had such a strong bond even now that you aren’t physically here I can still feel it. I miss you so much and will always love you xxxxx

Loved and missed by Kayleigh Neech

Messages left for Freddie

  1. Kayleigh Neech

    This last week I have been missing you a lot. It brought me comfort when a little Robin sat with me at lunchtime the other day, I know it was you looking out for me ❤️ I wish I could cuddle you again. You would have loved our new garden and I think about you rolling around in the sunshine in it.
    I miss you so much xXx

  2. Kayleigh Neech

    It’s 2 weeks away from Christmas and it seems wrong not to buy you your usual tin of tuna for Christmas Day. I did buy you a beautiful bauble with your name on it though, which is hanging on our Christmas tree. I miss you xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Kayleigh Neech

    Hi my baby boy, it’s been one whole year since I had to let you go to rainbow bridge. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you or love you still. I miss you every single day. I wish I could hold you in my arms one last time again. Love you always, mummy xxxxxxxx

  4. Kayleigh Neech

    Nanna Mia misses you so much chief stomper womper chomper! I’d love to pick you up once more and snog those gorgeous fluffy cheeks that you know I could never resist. Those big blue eyes I’ll never forget … so beautiful 💙 I can’t believe you left us a year ago! I hope you’re happy and you’ve found a nice coffee table to spread out on and nap! I love you Nanna Mia’s gorgeous boy xxx 🥰💙

  5. Kayleigh Neech

    Hi my baby, I’m sorry it’s a little late this year. Mummy has been busy with her human baby but this doesn’t mean she’s forgotten you! Still miss you every day, I think of you all the time. Love you my boy xxxxxx

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