Born: 6th Feb 2010
Passed Away: 21st Apr 2022

In loving memory of my beautiful baby boy Alfie, who passed away peacefully on 21st April 2022, after a fight with cancer.
I remember the day I fetched Alfie home like it was yesterday, just a tiny bundle of fluff. Over the years he has been my best friend, my protector, and my absolute world. He has left a massive hole in my heart and my life, I miss him so much.
I will never forget you Alfie, you are my sunshine and will always be in my heart. Fly with the angels my beautiful baby boy ❤️

Loved and missed by dawn-davies

Messages left for Alfie

  1. dawn-davies

    It’s been almost 4 months since I lost you, and it still doesn’t seem real. I keep seeing you out the corner of my eye, or hear your paws on the kitchen floor. Every morning I wake up and for a split second I forget you’re not here, it’s been so hard without you Alfie. I hope you forgive me for putting you to sleep, I just wanted your pain to end. I love you Alfinimus, and I miss you so much xxx ❤️

  2. dawn-davies

    Almost 6 months now. This will be the first Halloween without you for 13 years. You loved Halloween, you would get so excited every time the kiddies knocked on the door, and came with me every time to get fusses, the kids loved seeing you too. It’s going to be difficult without you, I was even thinking of not dressing the garden this year, as doing it without you just feels wrong, but I know you wouldn’t want that. I miss you so much boy, it’s so lonely and empty without you here. Everyone says give it time, you will heal, but my heart is still broken. I’ve stopped talking about you as everyone else seems to have moved on, I can’t seem to yet. I miss you so so much my beautiful baby boy xx

  3. dawn-davies

    Well it’s Halloween and I’ve really missed you tonight, going to the door without you with me just isn’t the same, you would get so exited with each knock, and would be at the door wagging your tail before I even got out of my chair. It’s been hard I won’t lie, I miss you so much my baby boy, there will always be a piece of my heart missing without you. Xxx

  4. dawn-davies

    Santa came round last night Alfie. As soon as I heard the music tears filled my eyes. You loved going out to see Santa every year. You always knew what the music meant, and you would get excited and run to the door. As soon as I opened it you would be down the path and jumping up the gate to get fusses from the firemen. This year I stood there trying not to cry, in memory of you. Mike came out too, we made a donation for you, then watched him go by on his sleigh, remembering all the years before you had been there with us. This was another thing you weren’t here for and each time my heart breaks. I know it will get easier with time, but all these “first time without you” things are so so hard. I love and miss you so very very much my beautiful baby boy. Love always Mum ❤️

  5. dawn-davies

    Christmas has been really hard without you here boy. I used to get up first, let you out and make a cuppa, then spend some time just me and you until everyone else got up. I would say Merry Merry Christmas and you would get excited knowing today was the day, and when everyone was up we would get your presents from under your tree, as you would always go first. You would open yours all excited then spend ages deciding what you wanted first, most often you would choose a chew or treat and sit munching while we all opened our presents. You would be bouncy all morning, going from one toy to another, and we would always plate you up a dinner, making sure no sprouts or you would clear the room with trumps. Then after dinner you would curl up with us watching Christmas movies. It was quiet this year, me and Mike opened our presents, and then went to Shells for dinner. We came back to a dark and cold house, because you weren’t here. I lit a candle for you on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I spoke to you a lot telling you about our day, and how we would have bought you some beef home and you would have loved it, how we would have gone for a nice little walk as it wasn’t too cold, and how I missed you curling up by my feet while I watched a movie, just like always. I will treasure all the memories I have of you, and I will never forget you I promise. I will watch your tree grow and I will remember you, because you were the best friend I will ever have, I miss you so much, and will love you always.
    Merry Merry Christmas Alfie ❤️

  6. dawn-davies

    Its taken me a while to write this, and it was hard still, made me cry, but I feel better for writing it, and it’s in my poetry book. Miss you Alfie xxx ❤️

    I miss your lovely big brown eyes
    And the patter of your paws
    I miss our little snuggles
    I even miss your snores

    I feel so lost without you
    We were hardly ever apart
    I miss the comfort you gave me
    Loosing you has broken my heart

    Memories are all around
    Of all the times we shared
    You were my beautiful baby boy
    With you I was never scared

    My best friend and protector
    You were cruelly snatched away
    I wish you were still here with me
    I miss you so much every day

    Now you’ve crossed the rainbow bridge
    Free of all the pain
    I will hold you in my heart
    Until we meet again

    In loving Memory of Alfie
    Lord Bailey Cookie
    5/2/2010 – 21/4/2022

  7. dawn-davies

    You would have been 13 this week Alfie. I didn’t know how to mark your birthday, we used to make such a big fuss of you and I really didn’t know what to do. Shell and Ben came round in the morning to take Loki for a walk which was nice, you would have loved it, Loki found a stick and I remembered how you used to love them, and would try to steal it from Loki if he found it first. It was a nice sunny morning, not too cold so you would have had a nice sniff sniff then we would have stopped at our bench for you to rest before walking home. I miss you so much, it’s all the little things that hurt most, the things I took for granted. I knew I wouldn’t have you forever, but it wasn’t enough time. You were my best friend and it’s really hard without you here. I lit a candle for you, and said happy happy birthday, I closed my eyes and pictured all the birthdays, you opening your presents, having doggie cake, and your last birthday with all your people visitors, your doggie friends Loki, Buddy and girlfriend Sharpay. Loki misses you, in the first weeks he looked everywhere for you and whined as if asking where you were. Sharpay looked for you too.
    I miss you Alfie Bailey, my little Alfinimus, and you are always in my heart
    Happy Happy Birthday
    Love Mummy ❤️

  8. dawn-davies

    I’ve been thinking of you a lot this week, maybe because it’s almost been a year since you went to sleep, but also Sharpay is very poorly at the moment, and I don’t think she will be here for much longer. I know you will be waiting for her over the rainbow bridge when it’s her time, which I hope will be some comfort to Kelly who I know is really struggling. She’s just had her 14th birthday and has had a good life full of love, just like you. Look after her when she comes as I know she will really miss her mum.
    Your mate Loki is doing really well, he’s turned into a beautiful young man and he knows it lol! I’m looking after him tomorrow, it helps having him here, I know you loved him and I think he misses you. He likes the blue ball but does play with your yellow one now and then, and like you he loves the curly bacon treats.
    I’ve done almost all the firsts now, but I still miss you so much, I miss you waiting at the bottom of the stairs for me every morning with your waggy tail. I miss sitting out on the patio with you sniffing the wind and telling the birds off. I miss walking over the park where you liked to walk by the hedges so you could have a sniff sniff. I miss you lying by my feet, and nudging my hand for fusses. I just miss you, there’s a hole in my heart and my life and nearly a year on it’s still huge. I don’t feel guilty anymore, I know now I did the right thing for you and not to would have been selfish. I’m watching Kelly wrestle with the decision as like you at the end, Sharpay has good days and bad. It’s so hard when you are there in that situation as you want to keep your baby with you, but know they are struggling. I will be there to help her, I know how it feels. Loosing you broke my heart, and whilst I know I could be a good fur baby mum again, I just can’t go through that pain, that loss, ever again.
    Love you always my beautiful Alfie Bailey ❤️

  9. dawn-davies

    Tuesday 7th March at 3.15pm Sharpay crossed the rainbow bridge. I know you were there waiting for her, and are looking after her.
    She had been poorly for a while but kept on fighting to stay with her Mum. She just got too poorly and tired to fight anymore.
    Sharpay I know Alfie will be with you now to help you as I know you will miss your mum terribly. You will see her again one day.
    I wish I could have said goodbye to you but you fell poorly so suddenly I didn’t get chance. I will miss you Bob Bob and love you lots, give Alfie a big kiss from me.
    I love you Alfie, look after her xxx

  10. dawn-davies

    I went to get your urn today Alfie, it’s beautiful, chocolate brown like you and with a candle holder on top, much better than the scatter tube. I’ve also ordered a glass memorial stone that will go in front of your photo downstairs, and the urn will be in my room on my dressing table. I’m sorry it took me so long, I kept changing my mind about what I wanted and when I finally decided it took a while to save up. So I have you close to me upstairs and downstairs, and also outside in your tree and memorial plaque.
    I feel a kind of peace now it’s done, you are in your final resting place and will be with me always. I will never stop loving you or missing you, and I will keep writing you messages here, I can feel you are at peace which comforts me.
    Love you my beautiful boy ❤️

  11. dawn-davies

    Just went past the year marker, a whole year since the day you went to sleep. It was a very melancholy day, I can’t believe the year has passed so quickly, it seems like only yesterday I spent your last day with you in the garden, it was a lovely sunny day and you had a good sniff sniff around the garden then lay next to me in the sun. A whole year without you in my life just doesn’t seem real, I just know I still miss you every day, I remember the sound of your bark, your paws on the kitchen floor, and the smell of your fur. It will never be the same again.
    I have done all the things I wanted with your ashes now. I have your beautiful urn in my room, a glass memorial with your photo downstairs, and part of your ashes were put into the soil of a baby tree, which is now growing beautifully. So it doesn’t matter where I am you are always close by. Time is helping, but there will always be a hole in my heart, because you took that piece with you, and it will stay with you until we meet again my beautiful boy. You were and always will be my little sunshine, and the brightest star in the sky.
    I love you Alfinimus xxx

  12. dawn-davies

    You’ve been on my mind a lot today Alfie, not sure why, but the memories have been on replay in my head all day. I hate that you aren’t here, and that I can’t have you in my life. I have guilt that I’m getting used to you not being here, I love to look at your photos and videos and I will keep doing that until my last day, I will make damn sure I never forget your beautiful face, the smell of your fur, or the sound of your bark. You were my best friend Alfie and I wish with all my heart that you were still here. I talk to you all the time, I sit on the arbor and remember you laying there in your favourite sun bathing spot, and I feel close to you. It’s nearly Mike & Shells bday, you loved any special day but birthdays and Christmas you would get so excited. I remember more than once you tried to help us open our presents, and you thought all the visitors were for you. I know we gave you the best life full of love, and that’s what keeps me going. You were never just a dog, you were my protector my best friend and my beautiful boy. Shell asked if I would ever get another dog, I have half of me longing to feel that love again and the equal half who never wants to feel the pain again, and until one is greater than the other I can’t. I tried once with Bailey when I wasn’t sure, I thought she would help me but it just deepened my grief. Maybe one day, maybe, but I can’t see it, you still have my heart and I think you always will. I loved you more than most of the people in my life and it broke me losing you, and whilst I have picked up the pieces they didn’t fit back together the same. You have my heart Alfie and I miss you so so much
    Love Mummy xxx

  13. dawn-davies

    It’s been a couple of months since my last post, doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about you though, I think about you every single day. I had Loki overnight last night, it’s nice having a dog in the house for a visit, but I still am not ready to get another dog, and I’m still sure it won’t ever happen. I don’t think any other dog could ever be what you were to me, and it’s not fair on any dog to even try whilst I feel this way. I’m not very well at the moment, and I miss the way you always knew if I was poorly or upset, and would come to me for cuddles and fusses to cheer me up. Today is Sunday and we usually had a walk then a nice chilled day, if I cooked a dinner I would plate some up for you, I miss your companionship Alfie. I still talk to you all the time, I sit on the arbor where your plaque is and your tree is growing, and tell you about my day. Hope the neighbours don’t hear or they will think I’ve gone wappy. It comforts me to think you are listening. I’ve started writing again and did a poem about loosing you, cried like a baby but it released some pent up emotions. I’m also saving up to have a canvas of you in my front room, just so I can always remember your beautiful face. I will still keep posting messages here, it’s something for me to reread and remember. I will never stop loving you Alfie
    I miss you so much my beautiful boy ❤️

  14. dawn-davies

    Well Autumn now but still quite warm, some kind of heatwave, but it’s due to get colder later this week. You used to love our autumn walks, you would run through the leaves and have a good sniff sniff. I’m not doing Halloween this year, I tried it last year and it just wasn’t the same without you. I’m not dressing the garden and I’m getting old now and it’s a lot of work, I’ve sold all my stuff except for a few bits for the house. I’m also not doing trick or treaters, I’m either going to go out or just not answer the door. I got so much joy watching you get excited every time the door knocked, and you would race to the door to see the kiddies, and it’s just not right without you. I remember laughing so much when you bowled at the wolf boy, you didn’t like his costume at all, and even the wolf boy laughed. You were so gentle with children and they all adored you.
    It’s rough at the minute, money is a struggle and I don’t feel great, it’s like my whole body is protesting and I’m in pain constantly, I’m trying to lose weight so I can have my operation but it’s hard when I’m feeling so low. I’m hoping things will get better because I feel like I can’t cope with much more. You would always know when I was upset and want a snuggle, I miss that so much. I sit here with no one to talk to now, you would sit for ages just listening to me and getting belly rubs or head scratches. It’s been over 2 years since you were gone but I can still see your face when I close my eyes, I still talk to you and I think about you every day. I talk about you to anyone who will listen, and every time I let a dog I think Alfie would have loved playing with you.
    It will never be ok that you are gone and there will always be a hole in my heart, but I know you are at peace. I take comfort from that, but will always wish I got more time with you.
    Love always Alfinimus ❤️

  15. dawn-davies

    Halloween again, the 2nd one without you. I’m not doing any of it this year, I haven’t dressed the garden and I haven’t bought any sweets. I’m going over to see Mum and when I come home I’m going to sit and watch a film and pretend I’m not in. You made it fun, how excited you used to get each time the kiddies knocked, tail wagging and rushing to the door, then getting so many fusses and trying to look everyone’s sweet bags. You would be out in the garden with me when I was decorating as well, watching people passing and trying to get fussed. There’s a few reasons I decided not to do it, but the main one is it hurts that you aren’t here with me, and it’s just another reminder that you’re gone. So I’ve sold most of my decorations, I kept a few for the front room but the rest are gone. I will find another Halloween tradition in time I’m sure, but this year it’s going to be a quiet one.
    Don’t worry I am still decorating for Christmas, it cheers me up having all my lights twinkling, and your angel ornament will be up. I will also give a donation to Santa for you. I still miss you so much and even after all this time I still expect to see you for a split second when I wake up. I love looking through photos and videos of you, I’ve put a couple on Facebook today with you dressed up in your butterfly wings and headband, you never kept them on long but you looked so cute. I don’t think I will ever stop missing you, it’s gotten easier over time, the pain lessens but there will always be an alfie shaped hole in my heart.
    Love you my beautiful boy, always xxx ❤️

  16. dawn-davies

    Nearly Christmas again and it will be another one without you here boy. I have scaled it right back this year, I’m not even doing a proper Christmas dinner we are just going to have turkey and chips. There’s only me and Mike and he doesn’t even any of the veg so I didn’t see the point. Keeping it all nice and quiet and simple. I haven’t seen Santa yet, I missed him coming round as I was at Mums, but I will see him at Morrisons and make a donation in your memory. I know you used to love seeing Santa and getting your fusses from the fireman, so giving a donation for you is a way to keep that memory alive for me. I got your best bud Loki some Christmas presents too, he’s gotten so big now and so handsome. I’m so glad you became friends in the end.
    It’s still hard without you here, it’s gotten easier but I still miss you so much. What I wouldn’t give to have you back with me happy and healthy. I’m still nowhere near ready to have another dog, and still don’t think I ever will be. You were such a massive part of my life Alfie, and I hate that you aren’t here. I have my memories of you and I like to watch your videos and smile. This will be the second Christmas without you but I will light a candle and think of you opening your presents, eating your plate of Christmas dinner, and then us snuggling up with a film, because those were the best Christmases, the times we shared with you.
    Love you my beautiful boy, always ❤️

  17. dawn-davies

    It’s all done for another year boy, I took all the decorations down yesterday and had a good hoover through. The front room always much bigger when I take the tree down. I always remember you would be so happy your bed could go back in it’s normal place again. It was very quiet this year, Christmas Eve and day it was just me and Mike. We were playing mikes new game most of the days, and for Christmas Day we had turkey with home made wedges and pigs in blankets. You would have given me your puppy dog eyes to get a pig in blanket as you weren’t normally allowed sausage. It’s all the little things I miss but by writing them all here, I can look back and remember you always. I hate that I’m getting used to you not being here, feels like I’m betraying you somehow. I had a dream that mum got a new dog last night, he was a Rottweiler and so sweet. She has been looking to get a little dog, so you never know. Anyway we had a candle burning for you all over Christmas and I had a beautiful angel feather glass ornament in your memory, which I have hung upstairs. I was going to put it on the tree, but I’m scared it will get knocked off and broken, especially with Loki and his waggy tail.
    Anyway, it was another Christmas without you and again the house felt empty without you, I missed our snuggle on Christmas Day after dinner watching a movie under the blanket. I hope you popped in to see us.
    Happy Happy Christmas Alfie. Love always my beautiful baby boy ❤️

  18. dawn-davies

    It was your birthday yesterday Alfie, you would have been 14 years old. I know it’s possible you could have passed away naturally by now had you lived, but we could have spent that extra time together. I hate that you were snatched away from me before your time, this life can be so cruel. Just had a quiet day at home, I put a tribute on Facebook with some of my favourite photos of you, and watched some of your videos. We would have made such a fuss if you were still here, a nice walk, some birthday balloons then presents and cake, maybe a sneaky hamburger or a pigs ear. You would always have new toys and treats, and would be so excited opening them. Those days are some of the best memories I have of you boy, and they bring me comfort now you’re gone. I believe I gave you a great life, full of love, you were a part of my family and very much loved, and you will always always be in my heart. I miss you so much my beautiful boy, Happy Happy Birthday ❤️❤️❤️

  19. dawn-davies

    I feel broken today, all the memories of this day came up on Facebook. The last photos of you, the day we spent in the garden together before you went to sleep and crossed the rainbow bridge. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already Alfie. Not a day has passed I haven’t thought about you, and wished you were still here with me. This life is so cruel sometimes, and I hate that it took you from me before your time. I hope you are still looking in on me, and know that I will never stop loving you, you will always have a piece of my heart. I wish you were still here. I love you my beautiful boy, my Alfie Bailey, my Alfinimus., I always will ❤️💔❤️

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