Let’s have a cuppa and a catch up!

join us for tea and biscuits via video or telephone call if we can't meet in person

How are you? It seems ages since we’ve been able to drop by for a friendly cuppa and a chat.

2020 and 2021 were a challenge for us all and have changed the way we work in so many ways.

We really missed being able to pop in to see our lovely customers for a quick chat while travel restrictions and social distancing were in force. We thought it would be lovely if we could still have our friendly face-to-face meetings using the amazing technology we’ve all become much more familiar and comfortable with and which has helped us stay in touch through these strange times.

We’re back on the road but we know how busy you are, so we hope that having the option of virtual meetings will enable us to see you more often while saving you time. As an added bonus, it will help reduce our impact on the environment!

Book your virtual meeting and you will receive a little parcel from us with everything we need for a cuppa and a catch-up virtual meeting via video call or phone. You’ll find some lovely locally packaged teas with your mug and some yummy biscuits as well. All our Customer Care team members are now set up for video calls, so if you ever want a friendly face as well as a friendly voice just let us know.

Let us know when you’re free. We look forward to seeing you!



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