Pet Bereavement

What happens when my pet dies?

The hardest part of taking care of pets is knowing that, one day, we will need to say goodbye to them. Our pets are such a part of our families and losing them is very hard. As recent events have led to more and more families taking on the care and responsibility of pet ownership, […]

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Can cremate my pet?

When your pet passes away you can choose to have it cremated. Any pet, from the tiniest small furry to the largest horse, can be cremated if you wish. Talk to your vet or your local pet crematorium about the type of service you would like for your pet and the options open to you […]

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How do I choose an urn that’s right for my pet?

When choosing an urn for your pet there are many things you may want to consider. Most people want their pet’s urn to reflect the pet’s personality or symbolise the relationship they had with their pet.

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How can I get my pet on your pet memorial wall?

Our Pet Memorial Wall is a free to use service available to anyone who would like a space to commemorate and remember their beloved pet and share their thoughts and memories. You can create a free online pet memorial just by registering on our website, no purchase is required.

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What should I do if my pet dies at home?

It can be traumatic if your pet dies unexpectedly but, in the case of an elderly pet or one who has had poor health, it can be quite comforting to feel that they have passed away in their own time and in familiar surroundings, perhaps with members of the family present or near by.

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