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How do I choose an urn that’s right for my pet?

When choosing an urn for your pet there are many things you may want to consider. Most people want their pet’s urn to reflect the pet’s personality or symbolise the relationship they had with their pet.

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What size urn should I buy for my pet's ashes?

We are often asked “What size urn should I buy for my pet” and are always happy to offer our help in selecting the right size of urn. The urn you choose will depend on a number of factors, not least of which is your own personal preference. We always want families to have the perfect memorial for their pet and below you will find some information that we hope will help you to make your choice. All our product pages display the volume of ashes that each urn will hold.

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Can I buy Petributes Urns in the EU?

You can purchase Petributes urns from stockists throughout the EU but, sadly, due to changes to tax and customs duties after the UK left the EU we are not currently able to sell directly to retail customers in Europe. See our stockists map.

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Do you do memorial products with hair or fur?

Yes, we do!. In fact, many of our pet urns, keepsakes and memorials are suitable for safely storing a lock or clipping of your pet’s hair or fur. You can find all our products that can store pet hair keepsakes here. With so many choices for keeping a precious pet hair keepsake you are sure to find one that will be perfect to create a lovely, lasting memorial to remind you of your pet.

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Why are Petributes urns sometimes cheaper from other sellers?

We have been a supplier of pet urns and memorials for over 25 years, until recently selling exclusively to pet crematoria and related businesses. Like all businesses, we have a different pricing structure for wholesale customers. We do not set an RRP, leaving our trade customers to set their own profit margins, and businesses have different overheads, so some will be able to charge lower prices than others. That’s why, in some cases, you can purchase a Petributes urn from your local stockist at a lower price than buying directly from us.

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I am a business, can I buy wholesale?

Yes, you can! if you are a pet funeral or related business you can register for a Trade account with us. Complete the registration form on this page being sure to select “Trade” as the account type. Be sure to wait for the email confirming that your trade account status has been activated before placing your first order.

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How do I know if my pet's ashes will fit the urn I like?

We give the ashes capacity (volume) of all our products on the page for each product along with dimensions and other important information. The volume of cremated ashes can depend on a number of factors, and we recommend you speak to your pet crematorium about the urn capacity your pet’s ashes will need as they are the experts in this area. We are always happy to give additional help and advice if you need it.

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What is a keepsake urn?

Keepsake urns hold a small portion of a pet’s ashes. Keepsakes come in many styles and types so there will always be something that will perfectly suit your wishes for a lovely memento of your beloved pet. Some are designed to keep close by you, as a comforting reminder of your beloved and much-missed pet. Keepsakes can also be a way for members of the pet’s family to share ashes between them as a remembrance. Some people who decide to scatter their pet’s ashes also like to keep a tiny amount to put into a keepsake. 

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What if my goods are faulty?

We want you to be delighted by your Petributes urn. If you receive any Petributes product that is faulty, even one that has been personalised, you can return it to us free of charge for replacement or a full refund.

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What can I do with cremated pet ashes?

There are many things you can do with your pet’s ashes and it is a very personal choice. You might choose ashes scattering, ashes burial, traditional, contemporary or discreet urns, keepsakes, personalised memorials – or a combination of these ideas. You will want to choose something that honours your pet and reflects the happy times you had together.

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What if I change my mind?

The choice of an urn, keepsake or memorial is an important one, and we want you to have the perfect memorial for your pet. You have the right to return any product you have purchased from us within 14 days of receiving it with no questions asked.

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