How do pets get to the pet crematorium?

You can, of course, choose to take your pet to the crematorium yourself, regardless of where the pet has passed away but that is not always possible.

Most pet crematoria will be able to arrange to collect your pet’s body from your home or from the vet’s surgery. They will often be collected along with other pets from your vet, and sometimes others, and they will all be transported together.

Depending on when your pet has died it is sometimes necessary for them to be kept in a cold storage area or mortuary room at your vets prior to being collected. To ensure that your pet receives the correct treatment and service when they reach the pet crematorium they will be individually bagged and labelled for identification purposes.

Some vets and pet crematoria use a special type of bag to provide more dignified and respectful handling of pets’ remains and you can purchase these yourself and request that your pet’s body is placed inside for transportation if your vet does not offer this.

You can find out more about this bag – the Amae Bag – and watch the product video on our website or our YouTube channel, and you can purchase the Amae Bag here.

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