Product Designer Steven Smith

Striving for Outstanding Product Design in the Pet Cremation Industry

Introducing Steven Smith: Our Innovative Product Designer  It may seem a little strange introducing a man who, in some way, shape or form, has been with us for almost 30 years. However, after a varied career at the cutting edge of product design in various industries, we are hugely excited to finally welcome Steven Smith […]

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Tributes staff photo

Petributes Awarded Living Wage Employer Accreditation

Looking After Our Most Important Asset: Our People  In a time where the cost of living means many employees are struggling to make ends meet, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve recently been recognised as a Living Wage Employer. This accreditation is not just a badge we wear with honour; it represents our commitment to […]

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A decorative pet urn in a pet memorial garden

How to Create a Special Memorial Garden for Your Pet

Creating a Memorial Garden for Your Pet  The 20th March marks the first day of Spring in the UK, a point in the calendar that can bring hope and gratitude. With the arrival of the Spring equinox, you might be thinking about breathing some new life into your garden or outdoor space.   For many, a […]

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A beige cat sleeping on a wooden bench in a garden.

The Emotional Journey of Pet Loss

Pet grief is individual. The bond shared between and pet and owner is special and unique. For some owners, losing a pet can equate to losing a family member. And of course, the grieving process will be different for different people too. It can take days or years for some owners to come to terms […]

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woman holding a tan and white dogs in her arms smiling

2024 Pet Memorialisation Trends

We’ve analysed what’s currently popular within the pet memorialisation industry and compiled our top seven trends we expect to start increasing in popularity in 2024.   Pet memorialisation is constantly evolving and transforming with the economic conditions, technology availability, and relationships with our pets. As previous trends become more commonplace, what can we expect to see […]

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Three images. On the right a man in the Pulvis studio is holding a white ceramic sitting cat on a board. The centre image shows three men with their arms around each other. The left image shows two hand carving out a block of clay into the face of a cat.

Who are Pulvis?

Meet the designers and creators of our Pulvis urns. Handmade from high-quality ceramic, our Pulvis urns are a unique way to honour your four-legged friends. Originally a portfolio of memorial products that were created to invoke the feeling of experiencing art, three friends, Aleksander, Denislav and Mihail, created Pulvis Art Urns in 2016.  Entirely handmade […]

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A green oval urn with a paw print cut out of the middle sits on top of a wooden table. there is a tealight behind the paw print.

Introducing our Pulvis Urns

We are excited to showcase the work of exceptionally committed designers, Pulvis, who bring their artistic skills to life in our new range of beautifully crafted ceramic urns. Created with their innovative Inner Coating® technology, you can be assured that the ashes remain protected inside the urn were it to be damaged. Our Pulvis collection features […]

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Small cast Shih Tzu dog urn sitting at the top of the stairs on a beige carpet in front of a window

The Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a small toy dog breed, originating from ancient China. With a long, flowing coat, distinctive appearance and friendly temperament Shih Tzu’s are a wonderful companion. They can be particularly suitable if you have a less active lifestyle, being content with short walks and indoor play.  And they always make their presence […]

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a man and a woman shaking hands

Building a community at Petributes

With pet cremations growing year on year, we’ve seen several pet crematoria spring up across the country and we always enjoy welcoming these new businesses as our customers. But why have they chosen Petributes? Here we take a look at what some of our customers say about working with us.     Access to a fantastic […]

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French Bulldog cast urn sitting on a side table

The French Bulldog

The French Bulldog, or Frenchie as it is commonly known, is a playful attention seeker who is strong, inquisitive and has a stubborn streak. They make great family pets and are endearingly referred to as the clown dog for their fun nature. Most Frenchie owners will also happily tell you that their unique, bat like […]

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The Labrador 

Working dog, gun dog, pet, guide dog, assistance dog, therapy dog; the Labrador is probably one of the most intelligent and versatile dog breeds. It’s also one of the most popular breeds in the UK. Mainstay of many country estates and rural homes, you’ll normally find that owners have always had a ‘Lab’ as did […]

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The German Shepherd Dog (GSD) 

Like most German engineering, the German Shepherd is a robust and efficient breed, a manufactured working dog with a strong pedigree and heritage. Powerful and angular the German Shepherd is for many the ultimate dog with a rather fierce reputation. But if you’re an owner, you’ll know that whilst the majority of this is true, […]

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The Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The loveable Staffordshire Bull Terrier (or Staffy as many owners tend to refer to) is intelligent, loyal, affectionate and fearless. Whilst all dog owners will tell you that their breed is the ultimate family dog, Staffy owners will give you a long list of reasons why their dog is genuinely the best ‘all-rounder’ and a […]

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May Opening Times

Please note that our office will be closed on Monday 1st May, for the Early May Bank Holiday. All orders received on Monday 1st May, will be processed on Tuesday 2nd May. Our office will be closed on Monday 8th May, for the Coronation of King Charles III. All orders received on Monday 8th May, […]

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What can I do with my dog’s ashes?

Losing your four-legged friend can be an emotional experience. And when your dog dies, you may find that you want to have something to remember them by. If you decide to have your dog cremated, you may wonder what to do with their ashes. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to decide what […]

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What do I do if my pet dies at home?

Losing a pet is always difficult and it can be a shock to find your pet has passed away at home. The steps you take after discovering your pet has died need to be acted on as soon as possible. Below is a guide to offer support on what to do.  Assess the situation  It’s […]

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Contented Cat Urn

How Do I Choose a Cat Memorial

Cats can be an important member of any family, so it’s no surprise that losing them can be devastating. Cats can live for many years and play a key role in our lives. You may find, when the time comes, you’d like to memorialise your special feline friend, but it can be daunting to know […]

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How to cope with isolation after the loss of a pet

The loss of a pet can be a very upsetting experience and it can be difficult for others to understand your grief. In this situation, it’s easy to feel isolated but it’s important to remember that there are steps you can take and support available. Understanding why you feel this way, and validating your own […]

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Introducing our new Shih Tzu Urn

We’re delighted to share the news that the 25th addition to our range of dog figurine urns is here – introducing the Shih Tzu!   This new urn captures the Shih Tzu’s mischievous personality, and its sociable and relaxed temperament. The breed’s floppy ears and study stance is perfectly echoed in the cast design.   Shih […]

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How are we embracing sustainability?

As a company with a global presence, we are very conscious of the environment and are making every effort to minimise our impact on the planet. Our Environmental Task Force was established a few months ago with the goal of setting clear, attainable goals for functioning more sustainably.   Given the changing attitudes and ideals […]

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