Mill Cottage Pet Crematorium

Mill Cottage Pet Crematorium

Customer Stories: Mill Cottage Pet Crematorium  

Mill Cottage, a family-run pet cremation service, has become a trusted name in its community by offering bespoke, compassionate services. Theresea Williams, a former funeral director, founded Mill Cottage Pet Crematorium in September 2022 with a heartfelt mission to help pet families.  

Alongside her husband Paul and their three grown-up children—Charlie, George, and Georgina—Theresea sought to create a business that treated pets with the same dignity and respect that humans receive. Mill Cottage’s foundation lies in its personalised, compassionate approach, setting it apart from others. 

“We tailor a pet’s cremation to the family’s needs,” Theresea explains. “Whatever a family wants, we adhere to.” This commitment to personalisation extends to their communication practices, ensuring families are informed at every stage of the process, from collection to cremation and the return of ashes. Mill Cottage also provides a space for families to say their final goodbyes, hosts a monthly pet bereavement café, and maintains a memory wall filled with photos of beloved pets. 

Mill Cottage operates on the belief that pets are family and deserve to be treated with dignity both in life and in death. “All our pets are kept in beds with blankets, never in a bag, as that’s disrespectful and unpleasant to see,” says Theresea. This ethos is reflected in every aspect of their service, ensuring each pet is treated individually and with the utmost care. 

“We tailor a pet’s cremation to the family’s needs, whatever a family wants, we adhere to.” – Theresea Williams 


Working with Petributes  

Mill Cottage’s relationship with Petributes began in early 2023, a turning point that significantly enhanced their ability to serve pet families. Before discovering Petributes, Mill Cottage struggled with suppliers who delivered incorrect orders, charged high delivery fees, and often had items out of stock. After an especially frustrating experience, Theresea found Petributes online and reached out to Sales Manager Tori, who immediately made a positive impression. 

“Tori was lovely, she made everything very straightforward, whilst remaining friendly and very reassuring,” Theresea recalls. This initial interaction set the tone for a lasting partnership characterised by welcoming, efficient service and reliable product quality. The ability to place orders by phone and discuss various options with Petributes’ Customer Care Team has made the ordering process both enjoyable and convenient for Theresea. 

Mill Cottage and its clients have been particularly pleased with several of Petributes’ products. The wooden engraved eternity candle stands out as a favourite. “My clients have loved these keepsakes,” says Theresea. “I have personally had one made for a pet of mine, and it’s in our home. It’s such a natural-looking piece and can hold ashes, a photo, and you can light the candle and remember them.” 

[Petributes] made everything very straightforward, whilst remaining friendly and very reassuring,” – Theresea Williams 


Looking Ahead 

The partnership between Mill Cottage and Petributes exemplifies the best of the pet cremation industry: a commitment to quality, a focus on compassion, and a dedication to serving families during their time of need. As Mill Cottage Pet Crematorium continues to grow and serve its community, Petributes remains a steadfast partner, providing the products and support that enable Mill Cottage to fulfill its mission. 

Through their shared values and unwavering dedication to excellence, Mill Cottage and Petributes have built a relationship that not only supports their business goals but also brings comfort and solace to countless pet families. It is a partnership that celebrates life, honors memories, and exemplifies the true meaning of care in the pet cremation industry. 

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