Borders Pet Crematorium

Borders Pet Crematorium

Established: 2019 / Location: Melrose, Scottish Borders / Business: Pet Crematorium

Since 2019, Mark Riddell and his family have been providing pet owners in the Scottish Borders an invaluable and compassionate service for when their pet is ready to cross the rainbow bridge. Situated in the picturesque Scottish town of Melrose, Borders Pet Crematorium offers grieving pet owners individual pet cremation or burial within two days of their passing.

Prior to setting up Borders Pet Crematorium, Mark ran a successful fencing company for 35 years before taking a sabbatical in 2002. During this time Mark built the timber chalet on the Borders site which became a pivotal building and served as a garden centre with a coffee shop, florist, and bistro. Mark and his family then introduced some wildfowl before being asked by a customer if they could rehome their Silkie chickens spurring the transformation of the site into a Rescue Animal Sanctuary.

Having always been around animals, this development felt a natural fit for Mark and his family. Some of their resident rescues over the years have included goats, peacocks, wallabies and even reindeer! When one of the family dogs passed away, Mark recognised the need for a more compassionate service to be available.

And so, Borders Pet Crematorium was established as one of the first pet crematoria in the Scottish Borders. Treating each pet in their care as their own, Mark and the team have developed their services over the years to cater to individual customer’s needs. Offering a home collection service in a fleet of private ambulances, pets are placed in an individual woven basket before being cremated. In 2021, the team began offering a euthanasia service in the Farewell Room for pets and owners to say their final goodbyes without the sometimes stressful environment of a veterinary surgery.

“We have been nominated for national awards, interviewed live on BBC Radio Scotland and contacted by professors at one of the largest teaching veterinary schools in Scotland to provide talks to students about the innovative care, attention to detail and thorough services we provide to our customers.” – Mark Riddell

And the Borders Pet Crematorium team continue to offer their compassionate service with a strong sense of how animals can support us through more challenging times. In fact one of the most beloved team members at Borders Pet Crematorium is Mystic, their 23-year-old blue and gold Macaw parrot who is very vocal within the office.

Working with Petributes

Borders Pet Crematorium first found Petributes following an online search. Working with the Petributes team, Borders Pet Crematorium now stock several product ranges including keepsakes.

“If our clients require something that wee bit different and we don’t hold it in stock, Petributes are extremely good at shipping keepsakes out to you the same or next day. It enables us to give our clients comfort to get their beloved pets home as soon as possible.” – Mark Riddell.

Although based hundreds of miles away from Petributes, various members of the team have visited the Borders Pet Crematorium site over the years to spend time getting to know Mark and other members of staff. This has also given both teams time to discuss how Petributes can support the business with new product offerings.

“We have had clients who have come to us since we opened and have been delighted by their keepsakes. Some have asked us if we could transfer their previous pet’s ashes which were returned by other pet crematoriums before we opened as the quality was certainly not up to the standard of the keepsakes we offer.” – Mark Riddell

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