Who are Pulvis?

Three images. On the right a man in the Pulvis studio is holding a white ceramic sitting cat on a board. The centre image shows three men with their arms around each other. The left image shows two hand carving out a block of clay into the face of a cat.

Meet the designers and creators of our Pulvis urns. Handmade from high-quality ceramic, our Pulvis urns are a unique way to honour your four-legged friends.

Originally a portfolio of memorial products that were created to invoke the feeling of experiencing art, three friends, Aleksander, Denislav and Mihail, created Pulvis Art Urns in 2016. 

Entirely handmade with high-quality ceramic, Pulvis urns are resistant to atmospheric influences thanks to the double-firing process. This makes them suitable for the home or garden.

Discover the full process behind our Pulvis urns here.

In 2021, Pulvis introduced their revolutionary INNER COATING® technology. This thin, rubber-like layer protects the ashes in case of an accident with the urn. With the coating, an additional bag to contain the ashes inside the urn is no longer needed. 

Looking to expand their range beyond human urns, Pulvis introduced pet urns as a unique way to memorialise pets.

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