What can I do with cremated pet ashes?

There are many things you can do with your pet’s ashes and it is a very personal choice. You will want to choose something that honours your pet and reflects the happy times you had together.


You can choose to scatter all, or part, of your pet’s ashes. This could be in your garden, on a favourite walk, or at a Garden of Remembrance that you can visit if you wish. Many people who scatter ashes also keep a small quantity as a keepsake.

Ashes burial

You can choose to bury your pet’s ashes, either in an urn or other container, or not if you prefer. This could be directly into the ground, or into a planter or an outdoor urn that can be re-located if you move house. Often, when people bury ashes, they choose to keep a small quantity of ashes as a keepsake.


There is a huge choice of urns to suit all sizes of pets and all tastes. From traditional wooden casket style urns, to modern ceramics, natural woven materials or resin figurines. We also have discreet photo frame urns. You can put all the ashes into one urn, or share ashes amongst family members in smaller urns or keepsakes.

Discreet Urns

Some people aren’t keen on the idea of an obvious “urn” type container, but would still prefer to keep their pet’s ashes. We have a range of very discreet urns that have the ashes container hidden, so no-one need know that your pet’s ashes are inside.


Keepsake urns are designed to hold a small quantity of ashes. They are perfect for people who’d like to keep a comforting memento of their pet near by . They are also suitable for families who’d like to share their pet’s ashes. For those who want to scatter some, or most, of the ashes but keep a small amount, keepsakes are a very good choice. Some Keepsakes have space for mementos of your pet such as a lock of hair or fur, collar tag etc. as well as a small quantity of ashes. Slightly larger Memory Box urns are keepsakes designed for larger mementos and can be suitable for collars, small toys or similarly sized mementos.

Personalised urns

Many urns and keepsakes can be personalised with photos, engraved names or images, messages, paw-prints and more.

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