What should I do if my pet dies at home?

It can be traumatic if your pet dies unexpectedly but, in the case of an elderly pet or one who has had poor health, it can be quite comforting to feel that they have passed away in their own time and in familiar surroundings, perhaps with members of the family present or near by.

If you have had time to prepare for the end of your pet’s life you may already know what you would like to do with their remains and may have made arrangements with a pet crematorium or with your vet. If you have decided on cremation but have not yet decided on a pet crematorium, you can find one near you in our directory. Some pet crematoria advertise their prices on their websites or you can call them to discuss it on the phone. You will find them sympathetic and very helpful at such a sad time for you.

You may prefer, if you are able, to bury your pet either at a pet cemetery or at home. If you decide on burial at home you should ensure that the grave is dug deep enough to reduce the possibility of the grave being disturbed by other animals. If your pet has had some kinds of illness or treatments you may not be able to bury them. Speak to your vet if you are unsure about this.

If you cannot immediately decide what to do with your pet’s remains, you might wish to speak to your vets as they may be able to keep your pet in their cold storage until you are able to make a decision.

Some vets and pet crematoria or pet cemeteries can arrange to collect your pet from your home, or you can choose to take your pet on their last journey yourself. Whatever you decide will be the right choice for you.

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