Valentines Day – celebrate with your pet!

Valentines Day with your pets can be so much fun

This year’s Valentine’s Day will be like no other. Some of us will not be able to celebrate with (human) loved ones and there will definitely be no dining out or parties to attend.

Some furrier types of people may be delighted to find that this year they get to be the centre of attention and have all the hugs and cuddles. Here are some light-hearted ideas if you are spending Valentines Day with your pet.

Breakfast in Bed

Valentines Day falls on a Sunday this year, so what better way to start this special day than with a lazy breakfast in bed with your cat, dog, guinea pig, iguana?
p.s. we wouldn’t recommend it with your goldfish.

You could try reading the paper (good luck with that!) and have a tasty treat, but don’t forget to bring some snacks for your pets or you’ll be sharing that croissant! If you’re feeling creative you could bake some healthy dog or cat treats in advance.

A Romantic Walk

Whether with your partner or your pooch, or both, a lovely romantic walk is the perfect thing for a lockdown Valentine’s Day. A walk in the woods or on the beach is so much fun for doggos, and lovely for people too, but if you can’t get out into nature then a sunset walk to your local park can be just as nice. If you don’t have a dog in your life, perhaps you can volunteer at your local shelter and take a rescue dog for a walk? If you have pets you can’t take for walks, you could sit outdoors with a nice cup of tea and your cat/parrot/tortoise or koi carp! Fresh air and excercise is good for everyone and works up a nice appetite for…

Valentines Dinner

We can’t eat out at the moment but there are plenty of businesses offering amazing celebration dinners for delivery to your home. Why not support one of your local independent eateries and order in this year? Alternatively, cook up a storm with all your favourite indulgences. And if you’re feeling like extending the dinner invitation to the pets in your home, prepare some of their favourite things to eat as well.

Mood Music

Why not plan a special Valentine playlist to enjoy while you are eating and relaxing? This year, include some pet-related tracks to show them how much you “puppy love” them. If your dog likes to sing along, include his special songs and give him a chance to shine at doggy karaoke.

Snuggling on the Sofa

What better to end a busy day of Valentine’s fun, than relaxing on the sofa with your beloved(s)? Snuggled up in front of the fire perhaps, with a glass (or bowl) of something nice and some yummy treats. Chocolates for you, maybe, but remember to provide your pets with their own snacks and keep chocolates out of reach of your pups and kitties.

Open your Heart and Home

Those of us with pets can feel extra-specially blessed to be the recipients of so much unconditional love. Sharing your life with pets can have huge benefits to our mental and physical health and wellbeing. If you’re thinking about introducing a pet into your home or family please consider adopting one of the many pets who are looking for love. You can find amazing rescue and rehoming organisations on our animal welfare directory.

However you spend Valentines Day this year, we wish you a happy and relaxing day and, with luck, we can all look forward to a more “normal” one next year.

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