Taking care of bereaved pets

Sad Beagle dog waiting for the owner to return home

It’s not always the pets who pass away first, and many pets each year are left bereft and confused after their beloved owner dies.

Many people have family members or friends who are able to give a home to pets who are left behind but, sadly, this is not always possible. Thankfully, there are charities and organisations who can help.

Cinnamon Trust offers support for elderly people to care for their pets in their final years, supporting them with practical help to enable them to keep their pets with them for as long as possible. They also have a list of pet-friendly Care Homes. Arrangements can be made for Cinnamon Trust to provide lifetime care for the pet after the owner passes away.

The RSPCA have a “Home for Life” scheme, which means that, in the event of your death they will care for your pet and do all they can to find them a new home with someone who will care for them.

Dogs Trust offers the Canine Care Card, a free service for dog owners which offers bereaved dogs a home for life at one of their rehoming centres around the UK. They will try to find a new home with people whose lifestyle and experience matches the dog’s needs.

Animal Rescue organisations are often able to help, especially those with a large social media following. Take a look at our Animal Welfare page where you will find a list of charities and organisations, searchable by animal type and location. If you are looking for a breed-specific rescue you can type the breed into the search box on our site and jump or scroll to see your search results in Organisations.

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