Introducing our Pulvis Urns

A green oval urn with a paw print cut out of the middle sits on top of a wooden table. there is a tealight behind the paw print.

We are excited to showcase the work of exceptionally committed designers, Pulvis, who bring their artistic skills to life in our new range of beautifully crafted ceramic urns. Created with their innovative Inner Coating® technology, you can be assured that the ashes remain protected inside the urn were it to be damaged.

Our Pulvis collection features four distinctive designs:

Cat Urn

A subtle way to memorialise your feline friend. Capable of holding the full ashes of all common cat breeds, this urn is suitable for the home and garden.

Grace Urn

Elegant and distinctive, the Grace’s sleek contours make it an attractive, contemporary urn to hold the ashes of all common cat breeds.

Neko Urn

Meaning ‘cat’ in Japanese, the Neko urn is cast to reflect a calm and tranquil cat pose, providing a subtle and gentle addition to the home. Also available in a mini design.

Paw Print Urn

An attractive and unique way to memorialise a pet, the Paw Print urn can contain their ashes and has space for a tea light. With smooth lines, it is an elegant way to honour your beloved pets.

Losing a pet is never easy. We hope our Pulvis urns will offer you comfort as you treasure the memories you shared with your pet. If you are dealing with the loss of a pet, you will find pet bereavement help on our website.

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