Interesting facts about dogs

we all love dogs but did you know how amazing and interesting they are. Read some fascinating facts about dogs

We all know that dogs are a fantastic animal—intelligent, loyal, and lots of fun. Every dog has a unique personality and can bring so much joy into a home. Here at Petributes, we love to celebrate our canine friends and learn as much about them as we can, and if you are a dog lover, we are sure you’ll appreciate these incredible facts about man’s best friend.

Dogs often dream
Dogs can have dreams when they fall asleep and will conjure images in the same way that humans do during the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep. When you see your dog twitching or moving their paws when sleeping, they are probably dreaming. Some dogs even bark and wag their tails in their sleep!

Dogs do see some colour
Most people think dogs see in black and white, but this is just an old wives tale. Dogs see lots of colour shades; they are just colour blind to red and green.

Dogs sweat through their paws
You might notice your dog’s paws are a bit whiffy, but it’s not only the smells they’ve picked up while out walking. They actually have sweat glands on the pads of their paws!

Dogs have been our loyal companions for many years
Dogs and wolves are very closely related, but over 150,000 years ago, humans took a shine to the dog and began to train and domesticate them. Some people think that it’s the other way around and that dogs have trained us!

Fun facts about dogs

Dogs have unique nose prints
Dogs noses are individual and can be used to identify them just as we would use fingerprints to identify a human being.

‘A Day in the Life’ by the Beatles has a frequency that only dogs will hear
In 2013 Paul McCartney revealed he added a frequency so high that only dogs can decipher it on the celebrated track ‘A Day in the Life.’ So if you are a fan of the Beatles, stick it on and watch how your dog reacts!

Dogs have speed and stamina combined
Did you know that over a long distance, a Greyhound dog could outrun a Cheetah? In fact, some Greyhounds can run at a speed of 35 miles per hour for up to 7 miles. While a cheetah can run almost twice as fast as this, it can only maintain its top speed for 200-300 yards – so no contest!

Dogs have three eyelids
A slightly unnerving fact about dogs is that they have three eyelids! This is to ensure that their eyes remain well protected and lubricated too.

Impressive facts about dogs

Dogs are highly sensitive creatures
Our dogs are emotionally connected to us, and if we are feeling stressed, upset, or afraid, a dog can easily pick up on it and feel the same way. If we feel down and depressed, we might notice our dog acting similarly or behaving as if they are trying to comfort us. Of course, if we feel happy, excited, and loving, our dog will respond in kind too!

Dogs and nature
We aren’t exactly sure why, however, studies have found that dogs like to align themselves with the magnetic field of the earth before doing their business. Weird, but true!

Dogs have superpowers!
The average dog’s sense of smell is typically 10,000 better than ours, and this has been put to good use with some incredible dogs trained to sniff out dangerous human diseases such as cancer or diabetes.

Amazing Dogs!

Newfoundland dogs are incredible lifeguards
Newfoundlands are often used as lifeguards and have been known to save people from drowning. They have webbed feet and water-resistant fur and are brilliant swimmers!

Three dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic
While disastrous for many, three incredible dogs managed to survive this terrible tragedy. One woman wrapped her puppy in a blanket and pretended it was a child. Another two were rescued from the sea!

A Bloodhound’s sense of smell is so accurate it can be used as evidence in court
PBS reported that bloodhounds are so good at determining scents; their findings can be used as evidence to prosecute or acquit a suspect. They are also incredible at tracking and can remain on a trail for more than 130 miles.

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