How do vets cremate animals?

Most vet practices in the UK will offer cremation of pets in partnership with a licensed pet crematorium. There are strict regulations in place governing the cremation of animals and they would be sure to use a reputable, licensed crematorium. Some veterinary practices have their own licence to cremate pets themselves.

There will be a regular collection service by the crematorium to collect any pets for cremation from the veterinary practices they serve. Pets are transported from the vets to the crematorium and are cremated according to the wishes of the family.

After the cremation has taken place, if the family have requested that ashes be returned to them they are placed into an urn or return container and delivered to the veterinary practice. The surgery would then contact the family to let them know that their pet’s ashes are ready for collection.

If ashes return has not been requested then the pet crematorium will scatter the ashes in a designated place.

If you need more information, please ask your veterinary practice to tell you the name of the pet crematorium they work with and they will be happy to speak with you. If you prefer, you can arrange your pet’s cremation directly with a pet crematorium in your area, or you can transport your pet to the crematorium yourself.

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