Can I memorialise a particular pet breed?

dog breed figurine urn


There is something special about our pets. We might be ‘cat people,’ ‘dog people,’ or just ‘animal people,’ but sometimes a specific breed is held particularly close to our hearts. Breed quirks, mannerisms and even markings can be identifying and endearing. So, when your pet passes away, having something to remember them by which is truly ‘them’ can be a great source of comfort.  If you’re looking to find the right memorial for your pet, there are various ways to achieve this.  

A picture 

The most obvious memorial to your pet is a picture. Whether it’s a photo, a drawing, a canvas or even a bespoke print by an artist, nothing can memorialise your animal like an actual picture of them. You may already have a favourite image, or you might want to scroll back through your photos to find one that speaks to you, but giving it pride of place in your home will ensure you can still see your pet every day. If your pet has been cremated and you’ve got the perfect picture in mind, then our photo urns provide a discreet way to keep your pet’s ashes at home. With the option of a personalised engraved plaque, these offer a very subtle, but personal memorial.  

 A keepsake

If you’re concerned that seeing your pet in a picture everyday may be too difficult, but you want to find a way to keep them close to you, a personalised keepsake might be the right option. With the option to engrave or add plaques to most memorial products, you can create a small, personalised memento which you can keep by your side. Whether it contains a token amount of ashes or even a lock of fur, keepsakes such as our agate stone or carved wooden heart are the perfect size to hold in the palm of your hand and and can provide a comforting and tactile reminder of your beloved pet. Our specialist engraving team can also personalise these products with a paw print or image. 

 An ashes urn

For many people, keeping their pet’s ashes can be a real comfort, but some owners struggle to know what to do with them or how best to safely store them in the home. An urn that sits discreetly alongside other furnishings and belongings might provide the perfect solution. You will know that your beloved pet is still in the house and part of day-to-day life, and the subtlety of the urn will allow it to become seamlessly part of your space. Choosing the right urn is important though. Traditional urns may not reflect the true spirit of your pet, so whether you have lost your horse, guinea pig, cat or dog, finding an item which echoes their characteristics is important and can embody the quirks and mannerisms that made them special to you. An attractive ornament with a special meaning and connection to your favoured breed, such as our animal figurines urns which include our range of breed specific dog urns, offer the perfect resting place and memorial for your much-loved pet. 

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