Can I have my pet cremated?

If you’re facing the prospect of having to say farewell to your beloved family pet, choosing a cremation and having their ashes placed in an urn or casket can be a fitting memorial.

Saying goodbye to a much loved family pet can be difficult. In years gone by, this would normally have meant a rather clinical visit to the vets which resulted in you returning home with only your pet’s belongings by way of a treasured keepsake. The option may have been offered for you to take your pet home for a burial in the garden, but not everyone has the space or even emotional capacity to manage this. As well as being a challenging task to undertake, a burial in the garden can create a further distressing point down the line should you move house, having to say goodbye once more.

But in the past decade, there has been an exponential rise in pet cremations as a means of families being able to keep their pet’s ashes and find a fitting memorial which can stay and move with them.

An increasingly popular option

Whilst pet cremations have happened for many years, the concept of families receiving their pet’s ashes back is a relatively new, but increasingly popular option. Pet crematoria have always supported vet practices, in those cases whereby families were unable to take their pet home, but rather than just being a service to vets, the last decade has seen the crematoria opening up to provide a service to families too.

The UK pet market is deemed to be one of the fastest growing consumer markets in the world and reflects the love, attention and spending lavished upon our furry friends. And that spending is not just restricted to the animal’s lifetime with a growing number of people now approaching pet crematoriums and cemeteries to ensure their beloved pet receives a proper send-off.

Vets and crematoria joining forces

As a result of the trend towards more ‘human-like’ send offs for pets, a lot of vet groups and crematoria are joining forces to ensure pet owners have a seamless support structure at a distressing time. Vets are now better informed about the options available to owners and crematoria are aware that some families want a dedicated cremation service for their pet and a suitable urn or casket in which to place their pets ashes. Basic pet cremations remain an affordable and accessible option, but as with human farewells there are now plenty of options to make it a very personal and bespoke process for pets too, allowing you to tailor your animal’s send off to your wishes and budget.

Cremation options

It’s worth being aware that whilst a dedicated cremation option exists, communal cremation, the service commonly offered by vets, means your pet will be cremated alongside other animals. Therefore, if you specifically want to receive your pet’s ashes back, be sure to make this request to your vet or make direct contact with a specialist pet crematorium in the UK. If you want to plan a full service, there’s an increasing number of dedicated Pet Crematoria on hand to help, such is the rise in demand and the wish to make the end for pets just as special as human family members.

Storing and scattering your pets ashes

If you’re thinking of holding on to your pet’s ashes, then like human remains, it’s possible to choose an urn, casket or keepsake for your pet too. This may be a photo frame with a picture of your pet in and an ashes holder behind, a weatherproof garden urn or even an urn in the familiar shape of the animal or specific breed in the case of dogs. Reflecting the increase in the popularity of cremations themselves, the range of beautiful and sympathetic ashes holders has expanded with many online outlets, like Petributes, providing information, guidance and the chance to buy direct or through your chosen crematoria.

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