Are pets cremated individually?

If you request that your pet be cremated, either by arrangement with your veterinary practice or directly with a pet crematorium, you will be offered different options. The first choice you are likely to be offered is whether you’d prefer individual cremation or communal cremation.

If you have chosen individual cremation then your pet will be cremated on its own and the ashes you will have returned to you are only those of your own pet. Some pet crematoria only perform individual cremation, whilst others offer both types of cremation.

Communal cremation is where animals are cremated in a group and the ashes are mingled together. This is sometimes a suitable, and affordable, choice if families do not want their pet’s ashes returned and  would like them scattered in the pet crematorium’s garden of remembrance.

Most people who would like their pet’s ashes returned to them to keep will opt for individual cremation.


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