5 Dog Costume ideas for Halloween

Some great Halloween costume ideas for dogs. Easy safe dog halloween costume tips

Halloween can be a lot of fun for families and, as long as your dog’s welfare is always your top priority, it can be great fun for them as well.

Costumes must be safe and comfortable, so whatever you decide on, make sure to keep the following tips in mind when you’re making dog costumes for Hallowe’en 2020

  • Not too tight – the costume must be comfortable and not restrict your pet’s movement or normal behaviour
  • No loose or dangly bits that could cause them to trip or get snagged up
  • No easily detached parts that could be chewed or eaten and might cause a choking hazard
  • Don’t force them – If they don’t like wearing their costume, take it off! We recommend taking photos as soon as you try their costume on. That way, if your pooch isn’t enjoying the experience you can take it off quickly and you’ll still have those cute costume memories

Easy DIY Halloween costumes for dogs

You don’t need a sewing machine or great skill for this, basic hand stitching will do, but If you can’t face sewing at all, try iron-on fabric bonding tape, double-sided sticky tape or fabric glue.

  • A piece of net gathered onto a length of elastic can be used to create a tutu or neck ruff for ballerina, clown or harlequin doggies
  • A small square of fabric and a length of tape can create a simple cape for witches, superheroes, princes(ses) and more.

Simple dog Halloween costumes from a T-shirt

T-shirts can be a perfect starting point for dog cossies. Stretchy and soft, easy and quick to pop on and off and the short sleeves are perfect for little legs. Choose the right size for your dog. If you don’t have one at home you could scour your local animal welfare charity shop.

You can sew or glue costume appropriate attachments to the T-shirt so the whole thing goes on and comes off in one – easier for you and more comfortable for your pet. A plain shirt could be painted with fabric paints or have buttons, pompoms, ribbons or other pieces of fabric sewn or glued on. Make sure they’re secure, you don’t want them coming loose!

Other great T-shirt attachments could be wings (bat, fairy, dragon or angel), turtle or tortoise shells, stegosaurus plates or shark fins. These are a bit more labour intensive, but still fairly easy to make from cardboard or papier mache and felt pens or paint. Get your kids involved as a fun half-term holiday project.

Low cost Hallowe’en costumes for dogs

Homemade dog Halloween costumes won’t break the bank when dressing up your best friend and they are a lot of fun to make. Getting your kids involved in making something fun for your dog to wear will give them a perfect rainy day, half-term or lockdown project.

Recycle old costume parts or raid your children’s dressing up box for things you can use to dress up your dog. Ears, halos on headbands are great because you can attach them to your dog’s collar rather than onto the dog. Use cable ties (cut short and taped over for safety), hair ties or sturdy elastic bands to fix them on and you’ll be able to remove them afterwards.

Here are 5 of our best dog Halloween costume ideas for 2020

1. Dress your dog up as you, or a family member, for Halloween

Dogs look like their owners, the old saying goes, so why not make it true? This is an easy and low-cost option. Dressing your dog in a family member’s clothes or accessories or even matching outfits would be cute and easy to do. Raid your wardrobes for hats, headbands, sunglasses, bowties or other accessories

2. Dress your dog as another pet in your family

Got a rabbit? Dress Rover up as Thumper with a set of rabbit ears on a headband or attached to their collar?

Do your dogs have their own jumpers? Why not just swap them over and they can “be” each other!

3. Express your dog’s personality

Choose a costume that highlights your dog’s personality

– Is your pup timid? How about a mouse or rabbit?
– Is your dog a real clown? Let her dress up as one!

An alternative twist on this idea is to choose a costume that’s the exact opposite!

– Has your dog got the zoomies? Turn her into a tortoise!
– Is your pooch shy and retiring? How about a rock star?

4. The “faithful sidekick” dog costume

Dressing as a character that just happens to have a dog means your dog can avoid too much dressing up themselves. If you have a herding dog, you can be a shepherd, a husky would be a great sidekick for an arctic explorer. Your small scruffy dog could be Toto to your Dorothy. A German Shepherd will be an amazing police dog. And, of course, any kind of dog works if you dress as a vet!

5. Come just as you are!

What if your dog just doesn’t want to “play ball” this Hallowe’en? Don’t despair, just make up a reason to explain their natural look! “She’s dressed as her sister”, “He’s a naturist”, “He’s the Emperor with his New Clothes!” “That’s not really the dog, that’s actually my cat, dressed as the dog”. Let your imagination run riot!

A safe and happy Halloween for you and your pets

At Petributes we know how much your pets mean to you. For 25 years we have been dedicated to helping pet owners find beautiful and meaningful ways to remember their pets when they can no longer be with them. We hope you and your family have fun this Halloween and make lots of wonderful memories with your best friend!

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